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Nengi is a sight to behold on Glitz Africa Magazine’s Latest Issue

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Glitz Africa has kicked off the year with its first Digital Cover with ex-BBNaija reality star Rebecca Nengi Hampson who delves more into her life after leaving the Big Brother house, her career plans and her hot takes on social issues today, in her own words.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

If Nengi wasn’t known for Big Brother, what would she most probably be known for?

I’d be known for my shoe brand (shoesbyflora) and as an agent of change, which would be evident in Girl child/women development and empowerment.

  Fame after Big Brother, how are you holding up? Did you expect this level of fame at all?

I am doing just well. Since after big brother, there has never been a dull moment; and in all honesty, Yes! I knew I was going to be famous. It was just a matter of time; I didn’t know it was going to happen at 22 though.

What do you think of Reality TV being a platform best suited for showing one’s potential to the world today?

It’s actually the best platform, if you ask me; because reality TV will subject you to an all-round test. You have to be versatile to survive. In the course of that, you tend to even find deeper parts of things you can do, that you do not even know exists.

In today’s social media climate, how important would you say is your input in your popularity after the BBN exposure?

Social media is a powerful tool. Social media did a lot to my visibility, and even deals/endorsements I have bagged today. In this time, social media does 80% of the work.

You entered the house with over 300k followers on Instagram. Few months after the show, your following has risen to 2M and counting. Do you think they are just mere numbers?

Actually, it was around 12k followers, and no, they are not just mere numbers. They are people who believe in me, love my work and are ready to stand by me, through thick and thin. Yeah, shout out to Ninjas, you guys are the Best and I love you all.

Describe a perfect night time look?

Pyjamas, loose, I like to be free when I am resting.

Oversized/baggy fashions or tight clothing?

Not overly tight, but tight clothings does the magic for me.


Photography – Gilbert Asante

Creative & Styling – Brimah

Styling – Zynell Zuh

Garments – Zyellegant & MOD

Makeup – Lawrencia Owusu

Hair – Christele CODO

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