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Dubai Tourism in partnership with Princewills Trust is set to host Vision and Success Challenge 2021



The Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM) under its Education Tourism Initiative, CLR education consulting, and in partnership with Princewills Trust has officially announced the commencement of the 2021 Vision and Success Opportunity Challenge

The Vision and Success Opportunity Challenge is a forum created by Princewills Trust, where ambitious young leaders pitch ideas and strategies for furthering their vision and success in life. The challenge is designed to help current Nigerian university undergraduates and postgraduates imagine realistic career models and investigate how to shift from concept to reality while still pursuing their studies.

Backed by an incentive of an all-expenses-paid experiential tour of the city of Dubai for the best ten submissions, the objective of the challenge is to enable Nigerian university undergraduates and postgraduates to envision viable career models and explore how from ideation to practice, while still pursuing their studies.

To participate, contestants are required to develop and submit a business model pitch in the area of their expertise. Such business models may be novel or the offshoot of current research plans. In either case, it needs to be the original work of the contestant and each contestant is required to work solo for this challenge. The challenge will have two rounds which include a reading Pitch Deck round and a presentation Pitch Deck round, The application is open from April 16th, 2021 to April 23rd, 2021.

Stella Ibiene Obinwa, Director for Africa (DCTCM), commented about the initiative: The city of Dubai was chosen for this challenge to gain first-hand knowledge of a global business hub known for its great vision, hospitality, and commerce. The tour also intends to introduce participants to the next step in their vision and success journey, including learning resources and post-graduation opportunities in Dubai.”

Prince Tonye Princewill, founder and initiator of Princewills Trust, emphasized further: “I’m excited to be involved in a project like this, but I’m particularly motivated with this one because it’s Dubai. Not only because it is a wonderful tourist destination, which it is, but also because of the amazing educational opportunities, it has with campuses of all the top Universities in the world having a presence there. What motivates me is how Dubai moved from a vision to become reality. It is a modern template for development, governance, and nation-building and I see lessons there, which no books can teach you. That is why I want others to have a chance to lose sleep, ask their own questions, and dare to dream impossible dreams. Because it’s the only way you can guarantee that sustainable change can happen.”

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