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Last Night’s Episode of #BBNaija ‘Lockdown’ Reunion Show was about Brighto’s Triangle & the “Aggressive Cuddling”

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The 4th episode of Big Brother Naija (season 5) Lockdown Reunion Show explored the birth of the WathoniBrightoDorathy triangle. Dorathy owns her intimate moment with Brighto with her full chest.

This episode also had Wathoni and Dorathy on the same side as they agree that Brighto was cold-hearted to them in the House. Meanwhile, Ka3na and Praise explain their aggressive cuddling.

Laycon agreed with Trikytee saying Wathoni liked Brighto, adding that Dorathy talked to him about Brighto. “She said if it’ll happen, it will happen and she wouldn’t stop it.”

Kiddwaya knew Brighto wasn’t really feeling Wathoni but he didn’t see Dorathy coming into the picture, he adds.

Wathoni on the other hand, said she got attached to Brighto after he kissed her on the neck and she felt like he’d become her go-to person in the house. “Everyone had one. I told Triky that he may not really like me but I didn’t care because I needed to be happy and I was using him to make myself happy.”

Dorathy explained that she got into the mix with Brighto and Wathoni because she had just removed herself from the Ozo and Nengi situation and Prince was involved with Tolanibaj then.

She said they started getting close when he asked her to make his nails when he saw her doing somewhere else. She says Prince asked her what was going on and she told him they were “just there”.

Dorothy also agreed something happened between her and Brighto and she also told Prince, her friend at the time, about it. Prince smirked in agreement. She she felt bad after the following morning, Brighto didn’t even check up on her. She decided to excuse herself from the situation afterwards.

Laycon’s mouth was left wide open while Kidd was asking “when did all this happen in the house?”

Brighto said he liked both Dorathy and Wathoni and when he found out he was in the middle of the ‘situationship’, he tried to make sure he didn’t hurt anyone.

He also thinks him not talking to Dorathy the following morning is how he is. he had everyone surprised when he asked  “What do you want me to say to her?”

When Ebuka said he should have at least said hi that morning, Brighto insisted it’s not how he is and he didn’t want anything with anyone in the house. “Do you know what it took for me to accept that?”. Adding that he didn’t even do anything with anyone during the T or D game and always drank because it’s personal to him.

Brighto doesn’t take responsibility for all of this. “I didn’t do anything wrong.” At least he managed to make Wathoni and Dorathy agree on one thing — that he’s cold.

Prince and Ka3na on the Aggressive Cuddling

Triky said he knew there was a thing between Ka3na and Praise. Dorathy also reckoned that she knew they liked each other and were very cordial and close.

Ka3na said she was drawn to Praise, Lucy, Dorathy and Neo when she got into the house. She felt she and Praise became closer because she felt they both had partners.

But she got angry when she heard him say he came to the house for the game and he couldn’t have anything to do with her in the house. She got angry because “nobody talks about the Boss Lady like that” and she decided to use him in and outside the house.

Praise defended himself saying he didn’t say he didn’t want anything to do with Ka3na. He only said he didn’t want to have anything to do with anyone.

He said Ka3na called someone to speak to him after he left the house, and begged that he should not say anything that happened between them in the house. K3na interrupted saying she doesn’t beg. That she told him that because she wasn’t ready to share.

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