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Denola Grey has a New Book “The Moonseeker” On The Way!

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Actor and fashion influencer Denola Grey has a new book “The Moonseeker” coming soon and we’re definitely here for it.

According to Denola, “The Moonseker” is a story about courage, the importance of kindness and the undeniable magic found within acts of bravery in light of adversity.

“So, I wrote a book y’all…” Denola shared the big news on Instagram, revealing that “bringing this story to life is something I didn’t expect to do; certainly not at the start of this year. But here we are!”

“The Moonseker” narrates the tale of a brave boy named Ara, whose story Denola hopes means as much to you as it does to him; “that we keep our sense of wonder and that we are resilient and stand up against any form of injustice or anything blocking our freedom and most importantly, our joy.”

Creating this story with Akiddie, Denola says it’s something he would have loved to read as a kid and also wants you to know that there’s a lesson in this story for any and everyone of all ages.

Read the announcement below:

Denola says “The Monseeker” will be available digitally and as an Audiobook on The Akiddie platform and he has more details about the release coming soon.

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