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Toke Makinwa & Lola OJ discuss the ‘Naked Truth about Childbirth’ in this Episode of “Toke Moments”

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In this episode of “Toke Moments“, Toke Makinwa and guest Lola OJ discuss childbirth as Lola shares her journey to becoming a mother.

Stop what you are doing and watch this. First I’ll like to thank my Guest Lola Oj for being so honest about her journey to becoming a “Mother”. The process to Motherhood is quite hectic not just on our bodies as women but our mental health too and I think people don’t speak up enough about how they really feel.

Society is quick to judge who Is a good mother and who isn’t, women are silenced from truly expressing how they really feel about the changes their bodies go through. their mental state, Postnatal depression and so much more. it’s almost like you are not allowed to complain so loudly, after all, a lot of people are looking for babies. Watch Lola share her honest journey to Motherhood and I hope this helps anyone out there who is feeling like they are alone.

Watch the new episode below:

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