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MultiChoice offers Promos Back to Back! A Look at past offers and the current “Biggie Goals” Promo

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We all know that discount offers or loyalty programs are ways businesses show appreciation to their loyal customers for their support and patronage. These promotional offers not only serve as incentives but also make customers feel important, valued and appreciated.

Despite the current economic situation, MultiChoice Nigeria continues to provide its customers, mouth-watering back-to-back promo offers discounts on the DStv and GOtv platforms, enabling non-stop quality entertainment for the family.
Let’s take a look at some of these offers that reflect the company’s dedication to reward and provide more value to its subscribers.

This was launched in April 2020, just after the federal government imposed a lockdown to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. The promo which lasted till June 2020 offered active and disconnected DStv and GOtv customers the opportunity to enjoy discounts of up to 44 percent for DStv subscribers and 75 percent for GOtv subscribers to get upgraded to the next viewing package when they renewed subscription on their current packages. Subscribers were able to access their favourite news, lifestyle and entertainment content on a budget!

  • Note that this offer has expired. Look out for future offers.

Then came the yearly “Step-Up” campaign for DStv and GOtv subscribers in January 2021 which was favourite for customers. The campaign allowed subscribers on Compact, Yanga and Confam packages to pay for a package a step above their current package and get a boost to view programming on the next higher package. Let’s break it down- a Compact bouquet subscriber got to upgrade to Compact Plus to enjoy Premium content! The campaign tagged “Max For Less” for GOtv also allowed GOtv subscribers on GOtv Jolli and Jinja to upgrade and enjoy GOtv Max at a discounted price of N2,999, instead of N3,600 per month.

  • Note that this offer has expired. Look out for future offers.

It didn’t stop there. In February, the company announced a price slash on its DStv and GOtv decoders. The campaign saw the DStv HD decoder, dish kit with Compact package subscription drop from N18,600 to N9,900 on Confam package, while GOtv decoder, GOtenna with GOtv Jolli package subscription dropped from N6,900 from N8,400. According to the company, the aim of the promo offer was to lessen the economic impact of COVID by lowering the entry barrier for new customers to get the DStv or GOtv decoder and stay connected to credible information and quality entertaining programmes.

  • Note that this offer has expired. Look out for future offers.

In March, GOtv came with this special reward campaign to appreciate loyal customers for their continued support and reward them with discounts and more content! The promo allowed GOtv Jolli and GOtv Jinja enjoy discounts up to 32% and an upgraded viewing on GOtv Max, which is the highest package offering on the platform.

  • Note that this offer has expired. Look out for future offers.

In the same month, there was a reward promo announced, where customers on the GOtv Max package got a chance to win N100,000 for school fees, N50,000 cash prize, N10,000 shopping vouchers, N5,000 fuel vouchers and free airtime in the “GOTV AWOOF PROMO”.

  • Note that this offer has expired. Look out for future offers.

Recently launched is the BIGGIE GOALS campaign which commenced on the 1st of July. The discount sees the DStv HD decoder, dish kit and One Month Compact package subscription drop from N18,600 to N9,900, while GOtv decoder, GOtenna with One Month Max package subscription will go from N9,500 to N6,900. With this amazing discount, customers get to enjoy the highly anticipated Big Brother Naija season six reality TV show and the New Football Season which kicks off mid-August.

  • Ongoing Promo – don’t miss it! Follow the steps above to enjoy this offer.

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