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Softcom’s Day X is July 29 2021



Softcom, a 14-year-old innovative company, has announced they are launching intuitive solutions they have built for businesses on Day X: July 29, 2021.

The company declares its intentions in driving the ambitions of both aspiring and ambitious entrepreneurs, who they have termed as dreamers and doers. Dreamers are essentially all of us – hopeful, active, buzzing with ideas and with a strong desire to grow. Doers (entrepreneurs) go further to turn their ideas into products, businesses, adventures, and opportunities that accommodate others and create the path for collective growth.

Yomi Adedeji, CEO of Softcom, states in his open letter to society:

“We want to accelerate the growth of dreamers and doers wherever they are, by providing them with intuitive digital solutions that enable them to make & grow their money, know and understand their lives & businesses better, and identify anyone, anywhere”

The fashion, beauty and lifestyle business is one of the fastest-growing and buzzing retail industries in Nigeria. The ready-to-wear, skincare experts, makeup and hair retailers, are catering to the needs of thousands of Nigerian every day. This increases the need for efficiency in their operations; manufacturing, managing and marketing their goods or products, and maintaining relationships with their growing customer base. However, the lack of adequate tools and support in managing these areas makes it difficult for many businesses to stay on track and grow sustainably.

Day X will expose entrepreneurs to intuitive solutions to these challenges. In recent years, technology has become the business owner’s best friend. With the growing need to redefine and expand the possibilities in how businesses are run, this event is very timely. This can be the beginning of a new era for businesses with enhanced productivity, sales and customer service.

Businesses of all sizes should look forward to taking advantage of these solutions, which were built to give business owners control over their end-to-end operations, while providing their customers with a delightful experience.

Whether you’re a dreamer or a doer, Day X is for you. Visit to register to attend the virtual event.

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