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New Mum Vimbai Mutinhiri-Ekpenyong covers TheWill Downtown Magazine’s Latest Issue

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Zimbabwean actress and TV personality, Vimbai Mutinhiri and her husband, Andrew ‘Dru’ Ekpenyong have welcomed a baby girl to their family.

The media personality tells her story on marriage, miscarriage and motherhood as she covers The Will Downtown magazine this week!

Editor of the magazine, Latasha Ngwube says about Vimbia, “Congratulations to our cover star, TV girl Vimbai Mutinhiri-Ekpenyong and her husband Andrew on the birth of their newborn baby girl. For the Ekpenyongs, their story took several unplanned turns but to quote the wise words of Ms Lauryn Hill, Nothing Even Matters when it comes to love.”

If they had a biopic, it would probably be titled Man proposes, God disposes because neither of them could have predicted the series of events that would eventually lead them to the point of blissful happiness where they currently reside.

Vimbai’s inspiring story and exclusive interview with your favourite Sunday read talks about some of the obstacles they overcame that have broken other relationships but ended up making theirs even stronger and wiser, having navigated and weathered the storm in uncharted waters. Maybe it’s the double dose of romance, good news and happy ever afters but I’m refreshed and optimistic about equipping oneself with the lessons that mould and ready us for the long road that’s often filled with butterflies and bruises, sweet words and scrapes, passion and even pain.

Vimbai’s inspiring interview proves what many of us have always known but possibly forgotten that ultimately, finding THE one makes all of this truly worth it! On that note, as we here at DOWNTOWN celebrate the Ekpenyongs, take care of yourself and you’ll see us next week!

Vimbai also took to her Instagram page to share the news of the arrival of their rainbow baby. She wrote;

Almost a month ago we were blessed with our rainbow baby! Words still fail me when I try to express what a blessed journey this has been.
To be chosen to be the vessel that brings forth such a miracle is life-changing, especially after a traumatic loss.
She is the one who was sent by God, our African princess – Atumwanashe Eme Ekpenyong ♥️

Get a copy of the magazine on Sunday at The Will Downtown.

Photographer: Joanne Markland
Makeup Artist: Swaazi Dlamini (@swaazi_mua_cpt)
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