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Liquorose’s Double Date, Saskay & Yousef’s Eviction + all the Scoop from Week 8 in the #BBNaija Shine Ya Eye House



In week 8 of the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye season, Saga and Liquorose were given a secret task which she won and got rewarded with BBNaira and a double date with Emmanuel, Cross and Angel. Also, Saskay and Yousef‘s stay in the house came to an end and the housemates are now down to 9. Here’s a quick rundown:

Day 51: A tense Nomination round

Tensions flaring, new dynamics emerging and another set of Housemates got Nominated for possible Eviction.

Biggie’s latest plot twist with the Nominations and HoH Challenges stirred the waters in the BBNaija House and the Housemates are feeling it.

Day 51: A tense Nomination round – BBNaija

Here’s a look at how the Housemates Nominated in week 8.

Whitemoney – Angel and Yousef

Saskay – Yousef and Emmanuel

Saga – Yousef and Angel

Angel – Saga and Emmanuel

Yousef – Liquorose and Cross

Liquorose – Angel and Yousef

PereNini and Angel

Nini – Emmanuel and Angel

Cross – Nini and Whitemoney

Queen – Yousef and Saskay

Emmanuel -Saskay and Pere

At the end of the Nomination round, the following Housemates were called by fellow Housemates.

Whitemoney – 1

Saskay – 2

Saga – 1

Angel – 5

Yousef – 5

Liquorose – 1

Pere – 1

Nini – 2

Cross – 1

Queen – 0

Emmanuel – 3

With new and emerging dynamics in the House friendships and alliances were tested. However, the new process of Nominations promised the HoH Challenges to be more competitive and we are in for some interesting “strategies” from the Shine Ye Eye geng with their loyalties being tested.

Angel, Emmanuel, Nini, Saskay and Yousef were Nominated for possible Eviction this Sunday. However, these Housemates except for Emmanuel had one more chance to battle it out in the Arena Games for the HoH Immunity if they are Nominated and the second runner up would win the Veto Power to save and replace.

Whitemoney and Nini took on the challenge with such impressive vigour and their determination to win put these two Housemates neck and neck, However, Whitemoney was a step ahead. Whitemoney won Head of House for week 8 and Nini won the Veto Power. Given that she was Nominated by the House, Nini used her Veto Power to save herself from the Nomination list and replaced herself with Cross.

Nominated Housemates

Angel, Cross, Emmanuel, Saskay and Yousef were the Nominated Housemates up for possible Eviction this Sunday.

Something fishy is going on

The Big Brother Housemates have taken to their fish like… well, like fish to water. Here are some of the strange things we’ve seen, so far.

Day 51: Something fishy is going on – BBNaija

The Housemates have now been in possession of their fish for about a week, and things have taken a turn for the weird. Perhaps we shouldn’t judge them too harshly – 51 days in the House would take its toll on anyone. Maybe the Housemates are just glad that there is something in the House that doesn’t talk back.

We first noticed this behaviour with Queen, who started talking to her fish soon after her Nomination last week, telling it that her “mommy is strong” and that she’ll be fine, no matter what happens. And then the fish said, “yes, Mommy – you are strong, and you will do amazing things!”

No, we’re kidding. The fish didn’t say anything, at all, because it’s a fish. Fish have a lot going for them, but they’re not known for being excellent conversationalists. They’re mainly known for being excellent with batter and some chips.

During her digital round up of the week in the Big Brother House, Toke Makwina suggested that perhaps Queen was talking to the fish as a way of talking to the audience without attracting Biggie’s wrath. Which could be true, but that’s a lot of credit to give someone who – you know – talks to a fish.

On the subject of fish and talking, Cross actually told Big Brother that he’s trying to understand his fish’s language… As already noted, fish don’t talk, so we can only assume Cross is interpreting the fish’s movements as some form of interpretive dance. Which might actually be pretty accurate, come to think of it. If bees can do it, why not goldfish?

On the subject of talking to fish, Angel has definitely been the most notable – she spent a good few minutes singing to them this morning. We just hope her fish – which she has named, “Cranky” – likes the tunes she chose. If we had to guess, we’d think a goldfish would prefer smooth jazz, but we don’t want to stereotype.

Angel could later be spotted telling her fish that she was off to bed, but would pray first, because prayer makes her “feel comfortable, knowing that someone is listening.” There are plenty of people in the world who would agree with that statement, but the nuance of religious instruction might be lost on a creature entirely dependent on food being thrown into a bowl by some benevolent stranger… wait – maybe they’d understand it better than we realise.

Yousef spoke to his fish. Look, Yousef is an obviously-kind person who cares about people around him, but let’s just state the obvious: he talks slowly. We can’t be positive, but we’re pretty sure we saw that goldfish doze off, for a minute. It’s probably just irritated that Yousef named it, “Nemo”. You know that fish tend to gather in schools, and the bullying about that is going to be intense.

But we shouldn’t pick on just these Housemates. We’re sure that almost all the Housemates have had a word or two with their new pets, and it’s reassuring that something that simple can still give them so much joy. It’s just that it’s given us so much weird.

Day 52: Nomination jitters linger – BBNaija

Day 52: Nomination jitters linger

According to Cross, the House was moody and the energy was low. We quite agree with him.

The Nominated Housemates were still weighed down by the reality of possible Eviction this Sunday. Saskay had been in bed all morning, Angel wasn’t talking to anyone while Emmanuel, Cross and Yousef engaged in a few discussions but every now and then, they paused to reflect on what might be.

I’ve been there before
Noticing Yousef looking unlike his usual self, Pere tried to cheer him up. He explained that he had been where he was after being Nominated several times and narrowly escaping the last time thanks to his Veto Power.

He told him he knew what was out there was bigger than what’s in here. He did understand the sentiment of wanting to be in the game till the end, but there’s much more on the outside. Yousef understood the point he was passing across but at the same time, it is difficult to overcome some emotions, and this was one of those emotions.

1631622828 56 screenshot 2021 09 14 at 09.38.38

Be optimistic

Cross’ demeanour was a far contrast from the usual Cross. Earlier in the morning, he kept to himself and went about doing his cooking alone. Whitemoney and Queen tried to get through to him. Whitemoney in particular urged him to be optimistic and look alive.

They also told him not to take Nini’s decision of putting him up in her place personal. It was a game and it had to be done according to them. Cross didn’t respond to anything they said and seemed more interested in making his food because the only thing he uttered was Queen teaching him a particular recipe. Not long after, he started being chatty again.

1631622865 56 screenshot 2021 09 14 at 09.44.57

The girls aren’t talking

ross noticed it as well and said the energy in the House was low. He mentioned trying to talk to the ladies and he didn’t get any response. He hoped they will snap out of it in the next 24 hours. He finds it difficult to live with housemates who have low energy levels.

Cross also had a problem with his half-done hair. Before the Nominations, Saskay was helping him braid his hair. However, in the aftermath of being Nominated, she hadn’t been able to help him finish it. And he was walking around with half braided hair, which was quite uncomfortable. He planned to ask Liquorose for help at some point.

1631622900 56 screenshot 2021 09 14 at 11.55.25

A Diary Session laced with Secret Tasks

It was another day with Biggie in the Diary Room and the Housemates were ready to spill.

Day 52: A Diary Session laced with Secret Tasks – BBNaija

The ‘Shine Ya Eye’ geng had their regular Diary Sessions today with Biggie. They spoke about a couple of issues in the House and also spilled the tea on the reasons for their nominations.

Reasons for nominations

One of the questions Biggie asked the Housemates was the reason behind their nominations of Housemates for possible evictions. Here are their responses

Emmanuel: He said he had no reason as he put Pere and Saskay up because he was bound to do so and their names were the first to pop into his head.

Nini: She put Angel up because she had not been up before except for general nominations. As for Emmanuel, she put him up because his name was first in alphabetical order.

Whitemoney: He told Biggie he nominated Yousef and Angel because they had not been up much and needed to feel the heat. He nominated them in the spirit of sportsmanship.

Saskay: She says she put up Emmanuel and Yousef because they were not up last week.

Pere: He nominated Angel because she is lackadaisical, somewhat lazy and didn’t like to do chores. As for Nini, he chose her because someone had to be number two.

Cross: He nominated Nini and Whitemoney but had no particular reason for doing so.

Yousef: He told Biggie he nominated Liquorose because she had not been sending him the right signals. She was trying to make him trip off and embarrass himself. As for Cross, he was nominated because he has been a competition from day one and he gets aggressive sometimes. An attitude that put him off.

Liquorose: She nominated Angel because she had never been up for eviction apart from the general nominations and she has never called her name during nominations. She also nominated Yousef because she had never nominated him before.

Saga: He says he nominates people who he feels are weak in case he or Nini gets nominated, they have a fighting chance. This according to him was the reason why he nominated Yousef and Angel.

Special assignments

Liquorose and Saga had a very special time with Biggie and we are here to let you in on it. Apart from answering Biggie’s questions, they were asked by him to carry out special tasks which they agreed to do.

What was the Task you ask?

They were asked to start a fight with their significant other in the House and also avoid speaking to them till the next Diary Session. If done well, they will be rewarded with 200 Abeg Naira and 100 BB Tokens. This means we saw Liquorose have some issues with Emmanuel while Saga was not on good terms with Nini.

Day 53: Saga fails Secret Task, Liquorose holding on

Tears and apologies as Biggie shakes ships up.

Day 53: Saga fails Secret Task, Liquorose holding on – BBNaija

Big Brother is officially rocking the boat and scattering ships, After spending their time in the House sailing in smooth waters like they are on honeymoon, Big Brother Naija couples Saga and Nini and Emmanuel and Liquorose are in a spot of trouble; and it’s all thanks to Biggie assigning Liquorose and Saga a similar Secret Task: start a fight with your partner and ignore them to win 200 Abeg Naira and 100 BB Tokens.

The two seemed at a loss when given this Secret Task considering just how attached at the hip they are to each other – but the game is the game, right?

Saga fails dismally

Shortly after the Housemates YOUID Task, Saga was all over Nini as usual, then started a sudden argument about allowing people to experience the House in its entirety.  That set the scene for tension between him and his lady love that eventually saw Nini seek solace in Cross’ arms.

Nini seemed like she wasn’t bothered by Saga’s sudden weird vibes at first and sat on Cross’ lap, perhaps to make Saga jealous. She and Cross spoke of their plans to kiss each other once they are both outside the House.

While Nini was making plans with Cross, Saga was sitting by himself and eating his dinner at the dining table.  Eventually, Nini found Saga, pulled him to the side, and told him she is mad at him and will not be speaking to him if this is how he behaves when having a bad day. Saga ignored Nini, then headed for the Blue Room where he busied himself with bed-fixing.

In the morning, the House imploded following a fight between Cross and Nini and that seemed to pump the breaks on the Task, for Saga at least. Saga rushed to comfort Nini and the two ended up under the duvet.

Saga couldn’t hold it any longer and spilled the beans. He told Nini about the Secret Task and apologised over and over to her. “I am so sorry. I would never do that to you. I am so sorry,” he said, while Nini sniffled, eyes swollen from crying. He then took off his microphone and whispered, which earned him yet another microphone infringement warning.

Watch Nini and Cross go at it below:

Liquorose applies the pressure

Liquorose on the other hand was pressing necks (Emmanuel’s to be precise) and taking names. As soon as the YOUID Task was over, Liquorose avoided Emmanuel and sat alone in the Blue Room, which was a strange sight, considering how we are all so used to seeing her and Emmanuel together.

After noticing the distance, Emmanuel tried to resolve things with Liquorose. She laid into him and told him “I don’t want your pity love”. Liquorose motioned how she feels their relationship is one-sided because when Emmanuel was asked about his crush in the House, he never even mentioned her. Emmanuel seemed at a loss and told her “I’ve opened up to you and you are now using that against me”.

Cross and Pere noticed the tension between the couples and decided they would try to get to the bottom of things. Cross had a sit-down with Liquorose who told him she was tired of being in a one-sided ship. He came through with sage advice, telling her “If Emma really cares about you, he will come and find a way to get you back, however long it takes.”

The Arla chefs

Making meals is already their first love, but this time, the BBNaija geng got to do it for Arla.

Day 53: The Arla chefs – BBNaija

Dressed in fancy chef attires, the geng got their cooking on as they put their culinary skills to test in the Arla Task. After preparing and showcasing a range of tasty meals, Team Arla Cheese emerged as the winner. The team consisted of Saskay, Saga Angel and Yousef. They get to share one million, five hundred thousand Naira and Arla range of products.

Before getting started, they did a few activities to spice things up. To begin, they had to divide themselves into three teams, then participate in a quiz.

Meet the teams

Team Arla Butter

Queen, Emmanuel, Nini, Pere

Team Lupark Butter

Whitemoney, Liquorose and Cross

Team Arla Cheese

Saskay, Saga, Angel and Yousef

Quiz time

Just before the quiz started, all three teams spent 30 minutes huddled in different sections of the House studying brand product guide in preparation for the quiz. Turn by turn each team asked each other five questions till the quiz came to an end. Team Arla Butter went first followed by Team Lupark Butter and Team Arla Cheese.

Riddle me this

The next activity was a riddle Task and the Housemates had a fun time solving food-related riddles. The interesting twist was that the answers to the riddles were some of the ingredients the Housemates ended up using for their main cooking Task.

Let’s get cooking

For the main cooking contest, the Housemates were asked to proceed to pick their recipe cards and ingredients before picking any other ingredient from the Arla marketplace and the Arla chiller. Upon watching their video guide, the geng proceeded to cook in turns.

Team Arla Butter and Team Lupark Butter went first, and Team Arla Cheese went last. They all seemed to know their way around the kitchen and took their individual roles seriously as they worked tirelessly to dish out delicious-looking meals.

Done with their dishes, the Housemates were also Tasked to compose a poem and infuse Arla theme in it. Their presentation was absolutely fantastic. While announcing the winner, Biggie stated that their culinary skills should never be questioned and praised their meals.

Watch the presentation here

Day 54: The hilarious Mimic Game

As the saying goes— Mimic is the best form of flattery and the BBNaija Housemates were all for it

Day 54: The hillarious Mimic Game – BBNaija

The Housemates had the most amazing time in a Game Biggie put up for them and we loved it. The Mimic Game set the House on fire and made them take on characters that they never thought they would.

Earlier in the day, Biggie sent a brief to the House that instructed them to mimic any of their fellow Housemates. They each took turns in picking one name from a box provided. The name of the Housemate they picked is the person they mimicked.

1631794114 56 p1

Here’s how they picked

Liquorose – Pere
Emmanuel- Saskay
Saskay – Whitemoney
Whitemoney – Cross
Cross – Yousef
Yousef – Emmanuel
Pere- Angel
Angel – Nini
Queen – Saga

1631794255 56 p3

Saga and Nini were in the Garden serving a punishment when the initial selections were made but picked their own names when they were done.

Saga – Queen
Nini – Liquorose

It had been quite a hilarious time as the Housemates had been doing their best to mimic their fellow Housemates. According to Biggie they were expected to spend the rest of the day dressed as their chosen housemate and mimic the way they talk, walk and their general mannerism.

Breaking News: Saga and Nini get Strikes for whispering

This is Nini’s first Strike and Saga’s second Strike, one more Strike and he will be Disqualified.

Breaking News: Saga and Nini get Strikes for whispering

It’s was a good day for Nini and Saga, first, they had received a punishment to clean the garden, then Biggie announced that Saga had failed at the Secret Task and now they were each issued a Strike for whispering.

Biggie summoned the Housemates to gather in the Lounge as he revealed the Secret Task and awarded the winner. However, Biggie did more than reveal the Secret Task.

In the video clips he showed the Housemates he featured one where Nini and Saga were in bed speaking in hushed tones and whispers. The two persisted in breaking the rules as they gossiped about Pere, among many other juicy details they discussed.

Article 19 paragraphs 6 of the rule book states the following:

If a Housemate attempts to communicate without the cameras/microphones recording the communication, for example, tampering with microphones, writing secret messages, whispering or mouthing words without speaking or if they try to tamper with or cover recording equipment or if occupants communicate in a secret code, Big Brother reserves the right to issue a strike or disqualify the Housemate.

1631812446 27 screenshot 2021 09 16 at 17.57.43

Biggie found them guilty of breaking a fundamental House rule by whispering and communicating secretly. This is Nini’s first Strike and Saga’s second Strike, one more Strike and he will be Disqualified.

Maria and Pere served as an example of what could happen if the disobedience continued. They were both punished and issued a Strike. However, the whispering has persisted. Today, Saga and Nini share and bear the brunt of persisting in breaking the rules.

1631812479 27 screenshot 2021 09 16 at 17.58.19

Day 54: Judgement time for Liquorose and Saga

Judgement was delivered on the Secret Task given to Liquorose and Saga to fight with their Shine Ya Eye partners and ignore them for 48 hours.

Day 54: Judgement time for Liquorose and Saga – BBNaija

When Biggie gives you a Task, you must do your best to execute it. This is one lesson that some of the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Housemates still have not learned, by some we mean Saga ?.

Biggie instructed Liquorose and Saga to start a fight with their ‘special’ friends Emmanuel and Nini respectively and avoid speaking with them until the next Diary Sessions. Both Liquorose and Saga agreed to carry out the Secret Task but unfortunately for our friend Saga, Nini holds his mumu button and Nini is more important than the bag ?

Liquorose had been consistent with carrying out the Task but Saga failed woefully. Just after one day of avoiding Nini, he couldn’t help being far from her and spilt all that Biggie had told him to do in the Diary Sessions ?.

Now if there is one rule that stands in the House, it is that everything that happens in the Diary Room stays in the Diary Room. Saga however failed to carry out this Task.

Early this morning, Saga started facing the repercussions of his actions when he and Nini received a rude shock after their early morning workout. Their fellow Housemates woke them up from a light slumber to a messy garden with a note which read that he and Nini were to clean the garden until it was clean.

1631802889 56 d3

This evening Biggie called the Housemates into the Lounge and played a video of Saga and Liquorose accepting the Task. He also showed both of them carrying out the Task and how Saga succumbed to his longing for Nini and revealed the details to Nini before the appointed time.

Liquorose on her part was seen to have carried out the prank almost flawlessly if not for one moment where she almost faltered. When was this you ask? Well during one of the ‘eight times’ Emmanuel spoke to Liquorose, he gave her a kiss on her forehead and this babe just went dead silent and rested her head on his chest.? Omo! That is how she wanted to cast Biggie but she managed to put herself back together and continued ignoring him.

This love matter no easy ?. In Biggie’s clips, we also got to see Emmanuel as he struggled to understand Liquorose’s sudden change in attitude.

Emmanuel seemed like a lovesick puppy who was lost without Liquorose. Thank God Biggie came to save the day. We can only imagine what would have happened to him if Biggie had extended the duration of the prank.

We are getting side-tracked, back to the judgement.

Biggie stressed Saga’s lack of respect for the Diary Room space asking him why he revealed the details of the Task without regard. For his lack of focus, Saga gained no reward. Liquorose on the other hand won 250 Abeg Naira and 200 BB Tokens. That’s not all. Emmanuel was also rewarded with 250 Abeg Naira and 200 BB Tokens.

Biggie advised them to use the prank to test certain aspects of their relationship. To help with this, Biggie rewarded them with an exclusive Dinner for two in the Executive Lounge for two hours. Food and drinks were going to be provided and what did the ship of the moment have to do? Dress up and show up. The dinner will take place after their sponsor Task.

Day 55: The Johnnie Walker Task – BBNaija

Day 55: The Johnnie Walker Task

The theme for this task was “No Labels”, which is designed to celebrate the journey in navigating through many obstacles and stereotypes to get where they are. The house was divided into three teams, representing one of three Johnnie Walker variants. The team names and members were:

· Team Red Label – Saskay, Liquorose, Saga and Cross.

· Team Black Label – Pere, Whitemoney, and Nini.

· Team Blue label – Queen, Emmanuel, Yousef and Angel.

For the first part of the Task, the Housemates took on an activity called Burst The Labels. For this activity, they were simply required to physically debunk some of the most used stereotypes in society. These labels are represented by the balloons that were pinned on the canvases. Each team was allowed to use only 10 darts available to them.

1631826744 27 screenshot 2021 09 16 at 20.22.27

The second part of the task required the Housemates to use the stickers provided on the team’s pedestal to create an expressive collage artwork that represents a vision board on their canvas. In five minutes the Housemates whipped up some of the most interesting artwork.

1631830207 28 screenshot 2021 09 16 at 20.37.32

The activities forming part of the Task for today tested their creativity, speed and originality. In essence, the Housemates were required to bring their physical and mental abilities to the table. As one of the activities for today, each team was required to use spoken word to develop a Show & Tell presentation that addresses one of the following stereotypes:

1. Team Red Label presented on Tech geniuses who are stereotyped as scammers.

2. Team Black Label’s presentation was on social media influencers or content creators who are stereotyped as slay queens.

3. Team Blue Label presented on creatives who are stereotyped as lazy.

The goal of this activity was to educate the general public about these stereotypes while inspiring and challenging them to tear down these labels, step forward and Keep Walking.

1631830403 28 screenshot 2021 09 16 at 20.52.34

The Johnnie Highball Mix.

For the last part of the Task, each team was required to create a signature Johnnie Walker Highball mix using the ingredients provided in their bar. Each team took turns to spin the wheel at the centre of the Arena to reveal the Johnnie Walker Highball Flavour they will be preparing.

Team Red Label landed on fruity, Team Blue Label landed on Creamy and Team Black landed on Tropical. The teams came up with interesting names for their drinks and continued to present their names as part of their mixology Task.

1631830501 28 screenshot 2021 09 16 at 21.16.56

The Winners

Before announcing the winning team, Biggie made sure to inform the House that mixology was not some of the Housemate’s forte.? We didn’t see this spice coming and for what it’s worth we think they really pulled some interesting stops to create their signature drinks.

Congratulations to Team Red Label –Saskay, Liquorose, Saga and Cross they walked away with 2 Million Naira to share amongst them.

Day 55: EmmaRose dinner date

As a reward for a well-played prank, Liquorose got to go on a date with Emmanuel.

Day 55: EmmaRose dinner date – BBNaija

It was a magical sight as our resident heartthrobs went on a romantic date last night to celebrate their love and ease off some stress from a really draining prank task. Quite frankly, The Task Liqourose was handed by Biggie really put a strain on her relationship with Emmanuel, so what better way to fix things than by having a five-star date.

Date Time
Dressed fabulously, the two Housemates made their way to the Executive lounge where they enjoyed a romantic ambience and mouthwatering dishes. The floor was covered with rose petals, and it was everything an ideal first date should be.

1631869338 56 screenshot 2021 09 16 at 23.07.12

Catching up

Liquorose obliged Emmanuel’s curiosity by telling him more about how she pulled off the prank. They talked about the fight and also their relationship. What they wanted from each other and if they had gone beyond just ‘liking’ each other.

1631864318 56 screenshot 2021 09 16 at 23.22.01

It gets sizzling

Obviously, the days apart had made their hearts grow fonder and their lips seemed to miss each other. They spent a generous amount of time locked in a warm embrace kissing each other passionately. Just when you thought they were done kissing, they were right back at it again.

1631864354 56 screenshot 2021 09 16 at 23.53.43

They didn’t stop there, there was more. It involved ice cream, Liquorose’s thigh and Emmanuel’s tongue. What a date!

1631864384 56 screenshot 2021 09 17 at 00.21.25
The other couple
Halfway through the date, Liquorose was asked to invite a Housemate and a date to join them in the Executive Lounge and she chose Cross. He decided to take Angel along with him as his date and off they went.
They were captivated by the romantic ambience but more importantly, by the meals made available. Right away, they got started on the meal, making sure that they had a blast the whole time.
1631864445 56 screenshot 2021 09 17 at 00.42.59
Back to kissing
Oh yea, you thought that was over? No. Our dates got right back to it again and soon after, Cross and Angel joined in. The two soon got lost in each other as they kissed passionately. It’s hard to tell if they didn’t want to feel left out or they actually had feelings for each other, but whichever the case might be, it was certainly a beautiful sight.
1631864518 56 screenshot 2021 09 17 at 01.17.35
Watch the date here

Day 55: Abeg’s affirmation Task

Housemates took on four interesting obstacles that ended with some positive affirmations for the Housemates.

Day 55: Abeg’s affirmation Task – BBNaija

Given the tensions that rocked the House during this week, the Abeg Friday Night Task was one of the best pick me up Challenges that the Housemates needed to get their spirits up.

The Task had four obstacles that required the Housemates to complete it in under four minutes and the fastest male and female Housemates will be declared the winner.

1631910956 56 screenshot 2021 09 17 at 20.40.18

The first and compulsory obstacle was The Sandbag obstacle. Housemates were required to use a wooden pole to move any two sandbags from one position to the other side of the marked line. With the choice to move both sandbags at the same time or one at a time – Housemates made sure to carry their sandbags in two’s as they moved them from point A to point B, or from point B to point A.

1631911053 56 screenshot 2021 09 17 at 21.09.52

For the next obstacle, they were expected to solve a simple jigsaw puzzle. Using the picture reference provided to aid them in solving the puzzle. Housemates had the liberty to look at the reference picture as many times as needed.

1631911131 56 screenshot 2021 09 17 at 21.14.41

The third obstacle was a simple monkey bar with 5 bars, to simplify the obstacle, Biggie introduced the rope support to help the Housemates. While stepping on the ropes to swing from one end to the other Housemates were expected to step on the ropes and go through the V-shape in the middle of the monkey bar to the other side.

1631910923 56 screenshot 2021 09 17 at 20.32.43

The final obstacle for tonight was the Wall of Affirmation. Biggie deemed it necessary to reminded the Housemates about how special they are to Big Brother. As such, Big Brother took the liberty to pick some words that best describe each of the Housemates.

The words were hidden in the envelopes of the multicoloured wall. To get their word for today Housemates had to rip open only one of the envelopes and spell it out using the letters in the pool. To conclude the Task each Housemate would spell out the word on the stool beside the pool and read out the words, “I am” and include their word for today.

1631910989 56 screenshot 2021 09 17 at 20.48.33

Although Yousef and Emmanuel couldn’t correctly spell their word of the day – Biggie reminded them it doesn’t take away from the fact that they are fabulous and amazing.

1631911025 56 screenshot 2021 09 17 at 20.48.58

Congratulations to Saga and Angel for being to top performers in the Task. They walked away with 250 Abeg Naira and 100 BB Tokens each. To the rest of the House Biggie said they are all winners.

Day 56: A fishy death scare

The Housemates got paranoid about the health of their pet fish and it was quite hilarious.

Day 56: A fishy death scare – BBNaija

Ever since Biggie provided the Housemates with pet fishes, they have nurtured, fed and grown a close bond to them. Some even have regular conversations with their fish making them some sort of an ‘emotional support’ pet.

So it does get a little gloomy when any of them loses their fish. The first Housemate to meet this unfortunate incident was Cross who lost his fish Targeryan to the cold hands of the fish ‘grim reaper’?.

Queen also had the unfortunate event of losing Green and this got a lot of the Housemates alert. Ever since the loss of these pets, the Housemates have been wary of their fish, trying to make sure they take care of them as best as they can. Nobody wan hear tory?.

Last night Saskay and Liquorose got a very huge scare when their fish displayed signs that they considered symptoms of ill health. They both complained about their fish not moving as they ought to and felt it was a sign of death was coming.

1631922077 56 fish5

They also noted that the water in the fish pot had a funny smell. A smell they say Cross’ fish pot had when his fish died. Noting this, Cross and Nini suggested that they change the water in their fish pot as that may be the cause for the fish’s supposed ill-health.

hey were however skeptical about this because they wanted to follow the guide which came with the fish. According to the guide, the water in the fish pot was to be changed weekly so if anything happens to the fish after following all the protocols they won’t be blamed.

While all this was going on, Angel and the other Housemates checked on their fish to make sure all was well?. So what’s your take guys? Do you think any of the fish will stay alive till the last day of the show?

Day 56: Living the Patricia experience

From modelling to acting, archery and charades, the BBNaija geng had a swell time executing the Patricia Task.

Day 56: Living the Patricia experience – BBNaija

The Housemates had an amazing time executing interesting activities from Patricia. The first item on their to-do list was modelling outfits, and they made quite a good impression.

The Fashion Show
The Housemates got into trendy outfits from RooomXIX outfits for the Patricia Task. RooomXIX is a luxury fashion and lifestyle themed store owned by Patricia Universe retailing globally curated products for the style-conscious.

Soon as the buzzer went off, each Housemate strutted to the centre stage to show off their Room XIX outfits. They did not just show off but described their streetwear fashion to fellow housemates so they could understand their style and why their outfits perfectly depicted their personalities. The Housemates demonstrated that they were trendy, fashionable, urban and stylish.

On to the next

For the next rounds of activities, the Housemates were divided into two teams and each team consisted of five members.

Team Ethereum: Saga, Nini, Whitemoney, Yousef, Angel

Team Bitcoin: Saskay, Liquorose, Queen, Cross, Emmanuel.

Pere was the Housemate who picked the ‘Umpire’ card and became Big Brother’s assistant to serve as an umpire for all the activities.

The Crypto Charade
The next activity was the Crypto Charades. Each team had a total of nine rounds of charades. Each team representative got four verbal clues and team members had only 60 seconds to guess each word. Cross represented Team Bitcoin and they seemed to be doing quite well until the last two words that seemed super challenging.

Although he tried his best, his team only managed to guess one of the remaining two. Just like the first team, Nini represented Team Ethereum and they seemed to have a smooth ride until one word had them going in circles until they finally got it. For this game, Team Ethereum solved all their 9 words and consequently won the round.

The Archery game

For the second activity, the Housemates played the game of archery, otherwise known as “The Bull’s Eye’. For this game, arrows, bows and two Patricia boards were provided for each team to simply hit the bull’s eye, which in this case was represented by the Patricia logo in the middle of the boards.

Team Ethereum went first and after 10 shots, none of them could hit the Bull’s Eye. Team Bitcoin went next and did a lot better. For this round, Team Bitcoin hit the eye twice which was enough to win them that round.

Up next was the crossword puzzle game. For this round, both teams were only able to solve eight words each, therefore, the points are shared.

Find the items

The fourth activity for Patricia’s Task relied heavily on the Housemates’ time management, concentration and retention skills. Each team nominated a representative to find the hidden items in the room by sticking the provided hank stickers on the items.

To simplify this game, the hidden items were written under each banner. Team members were allowed to call out hints or clues to their team representative. Team Bitcoin was a step ahead by finishing first and thus, won the round.

Portraying HANK

For their second Patricia assignment, the Housemates created an original short drama, no longer than five minutes, using the HANK styles shown in the pamphlets included in their Patricia boxes.

The story must portray the HANK product and its various features. Team Bitcoin enacted several scenes where individuals were searching for gadgets that meant the most to them while Team Ethereum enacted a wedding ceremony that almost crashed when the wedding rings couldn’t be found.

1631991447 56 breathe 1

Team Bitcoin claimed all available 20 points in this round for their flawless presentation. Congratulations Cross, Liquorose, Emmanuel, Queen and Saskay. They won five thousand dollars worth of bitcoin to be shared amongst themselves. For being a brilliant umpire, Pere also shares in the spoils of the winning team.

Day 56: Black and gold with Patricia

We enjoyed good music and great vibes from the Saturday Night Party.

Day 56: Black and gold with Patricia – BBNaija

DJ Nani and DJ Danny came with musical flames this evening taking the #BBNaija Housemates and us through some of Africa’s most loved tunes. With the House shrinking every week and more room growing on the dancefloor, the dynamic has also taken a slight turn but we love the power that music has to keep a crowd close and entertaining.

The Housemates were looking elegant and stunning at the black and gold themed party which was sponsored by My Patricia and Boomplay. As standard procedure, the Housemates prepared and wore their lovely outfits that matched the theme of the night.

The ladies were looking elegant in their clothing sponsored by 2207 by Tbally while Yousef, Emmanuel and Saga looked rich in their clothing sponsored by Rogue NG. Whitemoney, Pere and Cross look were looking dapper thanks to Looks Like A Good Man.

1632007104 28 screenshot 2021 09 18 at 23.11.54

As we expected, the Ships were dancing hand in hand through the party. Saga and Nini were once again sewn by the hips, swaying left and right together. They give us the feeling that they signed up to solely be each other’s dance partners in this Season of Big Brother Naija. ?

1632007058 28 screenshot 2021 09 18 at 23.09.00

Emmanuel and Liquorose were grooving together and with no surprise, Liquorose was dishing out some of her hard dance moves and legwork while Emmanuel gently danced behind her but we didn’t miss the moment he showed some of his leg work. ?

Yousef was dancing with Angel. We caught him busting a Kung-fu inspired move which gave us the certainty that he was feeling great. Angel didn’t miss a beat and twerked away on the beats.

Whitemoney danced with his deputy Head of House, Queen in a way that looked more like he was protecting her. We also didn’t miss the moment when the beverage don entered Whitemoney’s body and mind when he came through with his signature shaking dance move.

At some point, “Minster of Fun”, Cross was dancing with Saskay taking us back to the first time they raised hopes of a possible Ship weeks ago. He was also enjoying his reflection based on his continuous smiling and later grinning at Saskay who looked ravishing.

1632007023 28 screenshot 2021 09 19 at 00.14.11

Pere was dancing and siping the night away seemingly trying to keep his distance from any dance partner but we all know that the scene would be different if Maria was at the party.

This changed though when Yousef’s dance partner, Angel, shared a booty-shaking moment with him. Angel also had a moment with Whitemoney, it was interesting to see a House that is so connected, with members who seem to be vibing very well with one another.

1632006993 28 screenshot 2021 09 19 at 00.14.47

Live Show 10 – 19 Sep: Saskay and Yousef are out!

On Sunday, Saskay and Yousef became the fifteenth and sixteenth Housemates to leave the Shine Ya House game.

 Live Show 10 – 19 Sep: Saskay and Yousef are out! – BBNaija

Sunday is Eviction O’clock in Big Brother’s House and tonight was no exception as the Live Show saw a double Eviction on the Stage. First, let’s take a look at what else featured in tonight’s show…

What’s an Eviction show without Ebuka’s table shaking?

Starting with Whitemoney, Ebuka brought up his conversation with Cross implying that Nini is a fan favourite, which is why apologising to her was the right thing to do after their fight. Ebuka then asked Whitemoney why he was sure who the fans loved and if that should have been the only reason Cross should have apologised.

Whitemoney answered saying he guessed that since Nini is loved in the House, this love would extend outside the House as well. “Cross is a woman’s man, so I told him to apologise to Nini to avoid having any issues with any lady in the House,” he added.

Next, Pere was asked why he hasn’t been talking to his guy Saga, and he replied saying, “A revelation and I’m over it”.

Angel hasn’t been talking to Cross and she told Ebuka that even though Cross was on his knees begging for her forgiveness last night, she wasn’t ready to disclose what he did wrong.

On the other hand, Cross told Ebuka that he doesn’t know what he did but seeing Angel as a sweet lady who is still growing up, he wants her to feel comfortable and to know that he really cares for her. “I thought apologising was the best thing to do, but it didn’t work, so I failed,” he said.

1632080938 28 image from ios 64

Yousef’s elimination

Yousef was the first Housemate to be Evicted, making him the fifteenth Housemate to say goodbye to the Shine Ya Eye House.

As he joined Ebuka on stage, Yousef said he wasn’t disappointed about his Eviction, rather, he was grateful for making it in the House till this moment. He described his stay in the game as “just sliding through” and revealed that he had a great time in the House. The weekly HoH games and winning a lot of money in the sponsored Tasks were the highlights of his stay in the competition. When asked about his friendship with Angel, Yousef said, “We have a good vibe, and it is mature”.

Now that he is out, Yousef is looking forward to endorsements and being featured in movies. We wish him the very best in his future engagements outside the Big Brother Naija House.

Saskay says goodbye

Saskay bid the House farewell as she became the sixteenth Housemate to be eliminated from the game.

When asked how she felt about her Eviction tonight, Saskay said she was tired of the whole reality TV show experience and experiencing it in real-time, is different from being in the game.

She went ahead to tell Ebuka that Jaypaul spoilt her in the House and so she terribly missed him when he left. Speaking on the state of her relationship outside the House, Ebuka asked her about a possible ship with Jaupaul and she said, “I don’t know yet, we’ll see”.

Saskay intends on starting her own lip gloss brand and a retirement home for old people now that she is out of the House, and we can’t wait to see her soar in these amazing ventures.

“Shoulder pad no dey mean confidence”, Ebuka told the Housemates as he closed the Live Eviction Show.

Here’s how you Voted in week 8:

1632081045 28 audience votes.001

Whew! It’s been such a season and with the last days fast approaching, it is only right to have the numbers drop every week. It’s game time, baby! Which of the remaining Housemates will shine their eyes wider this week? We’ll find out.

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