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Ayra Starr is the Vibrant Fashion Killer on Accelerate TV’s “The Cover”

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Fast-rising Mavin singer, Ayra Starr is the cover star for Accelerate TV’s “The Cover” October issue.

In this interview, the beautiful, super talented and vibrant fashion killer, takes us through her style of music, how she harnesses her individuality and other areas of music she hopes to explore.

Here’s what Accelerate TV had to say about Ayra Starr,

The vibe you get from Ayra Starr’s music is the same vibe you get from her in person. Ayra Starr is clear on what she wants, what she likes, and who she is-all of which are apparent in her lyrics. Conversations behind the scenes with Ayra, along with quiet observations of the STARR in her natural element, show a young woman who is as in touch with herself, as she is with her audience. Ayra is mindful with her words and thinks before she speaks, which is also probably the reason we’ve gotten such good music.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

On her source of energy and how she would best describe it:

My source is undoubtedly God, before anything and everything else. He’s where I get everything I need. That’s my foundation.
I also get a lot of support from my family. They play an instrumental role in my life. They always look out for me and want the best for me. I can’t quantify how supportive they are. And lastly, myself. I’m confident in my craft and in my abilities.

On how she manages her mental health and what keeps her balanced and clear-minded:

Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed or stressed, I just take a break. I withdraw from the noise and all the distractions and spend
time on myself. I do the things that make me feel good or just calm me down…I watch TV, I eat and I sleep.

On how she handles negative comments:

I do not register information that is not my business. I don’t know any other way to answer or explain what I mean. I simply do
not dwell on negativity. It requires time and energy that can be channelled towards more useful things. Alternatively, I think people should focus on more important and meaningful things when they aren’t listening to my music. I’m a proud feminist, I believe in one love and I’m a fashion killer of course!

On how she cultivates or harnesses her individuality:

I read books about spirituality and try to make sure that I am always learning. That’s the way to keep expanding your mind and
adding depth to your thoughts. I also learn a lot through music and have a genuine desire to be a better person and to master my craft. But just as importantly, my mom taught me how to be my own person.

Read the full issue here.

Photography: @xmagepictures
Outfit: @getoworld

Watch her interview below:

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