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Funmi Akintade: Useful Tips For Effective Content Writing

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Effective content writing is critical in turning site readers into prospective customers, and prospective customers into full customers. It’s not about getting content out there, it is about getting the right, high-quality, targeted content to the appropriate consumer. If you have been getting low traction on your website, then it is time to check if you have been churning out poor quality content. That’s because the search engine garners quality website content and then they rank higher in search results.

Now that you know the problem, what then is the solution? The solution is to write high-quality content for your blog or website. These tips will help you. 

Write a compelling headline

The goal of a compelling headline is to get your readers to read the content until they are unable to dump it. If your headline doesn’t spark interest in the reader who is simply skimming through, that means you won’t achieve your desired results with your content. For example, ‘You can start this business with zero capital.’ See! That got your attention! Check for the current need of your prospective customer/reader, then create a compelling headline out of it. However, ensure your content matches with your headline. Don’t over-promise and under-deliver. If your headline says you can teach them how to start a business with zero capital, ensure your content does exactly that. Avoid clickbaits. 

Create a paragraph grabbing hook

Look, you only have a few minutes to grab the attention of your reader. Everyone is always in a hurry. So once your headline catches their attention, your reader quickly tries to skim through the first paragraph to see if he/she should keep reading on. Your first paragraph should be able to convince the reader if the content is worth reading and sharing. So in this paragraph, try to share a fact, a testimony, or preferably share the benefit of what you are marketing.


There is no high-quality content without research. Having high-quality content is 60% research, and 40% writing. When you have a proven fact concerning the topic you intend to share, you will sound believable. So get statistical data, fact sheets, and metrics to buttress your point. 

Keep your focus

Focus on passing across one key message to your readers. When you write on too many things at the same time, your readers may find the content too clumsy, and heavy for them to understand. Don’t lose focus.

Write in your unique tone

The tone that you write in should be personal and unique to your brand. It should be something that your readers can easily warm up to and feel comfortable while reading. Focus on being conversational and don’t be harsh.



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Funmi Akintade is the founder and CEO of Speedy Fingers Writing Publishing Agency, a professional agency that offers fast and easy writing services to businesses and individuals. A masters degree holder in Diplomatic studies and a certified digital marketer, Funmi also shares her knowledge on content writing through trainings and consultation.


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