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Slum2School Africa Begins Fundraising to Support the Education of 5,000 Children Living in Underserved Communities in Nigeria



According to a recent report from UNESCO, an estimated 13.2 million children are currently out of school in Nigeria. This year, Slum2School Africa has identified more out-of-school children across several slums, where millions of children are faced with many limitations including lack of access to quality education, exposing them to various forms of social threats and skill misuse.

Slum2School Africa launched its 2021 annual fundraising campaign themed #IAmMore. The campaign was officially announced on Saturday, 13th September 2021 with the goal of raising funds to enroll 5,000 children living in underserved communities across Nigeria into school for the 2021/2022 academic session.

Over the past 9 years, Slum2School Africa has championed several fundraising campaigns such as #AThousandDreams, and #3000Voices to support underserved out-of-school children across slums and under-developed communities. Providing scholarships to over 3, 250 children and supporting over 108, 500 children, all these are coordinated through the provision of school supplies, medical supplies, instructional materials, teacher support, health, psycho-social and community support.

So far, many children like Hubert Hunye who is from Makoko and was enrolled into the Slum2School Program as a JSS 2 Student in 2016, Agoyon Caroline who had some literacy challenges because of her inconsistency in school, and couldn’t write and read fluently, Imole Mamah who was denied access to education because her guardian is aged and could not meet up, financially, with the required registration process, and many more, have benefited from our fund-raising campaigns.

Hubert Hunye who is currently in SS 3 and just completed his West African Examination said that “Benefiting from Slum2School Africa can be viewed as a great achievement for me as an individual. It opened my eyes to what is outside my community and gives me a better understanding of the importance of education to my life. Slum2school Africa gave me the opportunity to be part of amazing educational programs such as panel discussions to interact with great and influential people within and outside the country, virtual learning programs to keep me serious during Covid-19 pandemic and mentorship classes to gain a lot of confidence in public speaking. Now, I can address an audience without panicking. I have also acquired knowledge in other fields like coding and ICT programs, STEM and innovation ideas, construction camps, which are totally different from my core subjects in school. Education is easier for me and other beneficiaries in the community and this has made us a role model in my community and among our peers.”

The Slum2School #IAmMore campaign is filled with high expectations to see that the general public key into the vision and be a part of the impactful journey of enrolling more children to school and bridge the gap between their current situation and a brighter future.

To learn more about the campaign kindly visit, send an email to [email protected] or connect via any of your favourite social media platforms using @Slum2School.

Together, let’s do more!



Slum2School Africa is a leading volunteer driven development organization, transforming society by empowering underserved kids across slums and remote communities, with quality education, using technology to enable them to realize their full potential. We believe that our schools, teachers, infrastructure, and educational policy should meet the 21st-century pedagogical standard.


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