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BN Exclusive: Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD) shares His Favorite Scene from “Castle & Castle” Season 2 + UNILAG Experience



The second season of EbonyLife Films’ TV series “Castle & Castle” premiered exclusively on Netflix in September, ranking high in the top 10 charts.

Directed by Kayode Kasum and Walter Taylaur, executive produced by Mo Abudu and produced by Temidayo Abudu and Adeola Osunkojo, the series stars one of Nollywood’s finest veteran stars Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD) as Tega Castle.

In this exclusive interview with BellaNaija, RMD talks about his days at the University of Lagos State -where most of his scenes were filmed- and the preparation process for portraying Tega Castle; from when he received the script until execution.

RMD also shares his favourite moment from “Castle & Castle” as well as what the reactions to the series mean to him, just before playing a quick “Who is most likely to…” game based on the “Castle & Castle” characters.

“It’s hard to have a favourite scene because of each moment… but, I think I love the scene in the classroom when I grilled my son. When I was teaching and he came in late, I love that scene,” RMD says about his favourite scene.

Being a law student in the university and returning years later to represent a lecturer in the same school was definitely a surreal feeling for the actor, and it is evident how important those moments are to him as he talks about them.

Most of the scenes I did in UNILAG for me were very special because that was my exact department. I was a student there and I sat down in those classrooms as a student receiving lectures and to be on the other side of those rooms and pretending to be a professor of law was just the thing for me.

I used an actual lecturer’s office as my office so it was very authentic and it was located in UNILAG. For me, it was homecoming and I really loved those scenes.

Being a lawyer has its perks, but unlike what many think, it doesn’t automatically make portraying a lawyer as easy as it seems because, according to the thespian, “you have to first understand how to be an actor before you go play a lawyer”.

RMD spoke about his method of acting and the process of getting into his character, Tega Castle, for “Castle & Castle” season 2

Because I have done season one before, you just go back and immerse yourself. Like you know, I like to immerse myself into my characters and I do an acting style called ‘coming from a place of truth’. I always like my audience to be able to key into my character and resonate with them.

That’s what I enjoy doing. If there’s no vulnerability for me, then there’s really no connection. I try to be as reasonable as possible and people have said to me, especially lawyers, “I’m sure because you’re a lawyer it’s easy for you to just play a lawyer.” And I say to them, it’s not… because you first and foremost have to understand how to be an actor before you go play a lawyer.

It’s not the other way around. My process is finding my truth and connection with the character and then lending some of the things I like into the character as well.

Find out more about RMD’s role in the interview below:

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  1. Maureen Bell

    October 17, 2021 at 12:53 pm

    Tega is one of the greatest actors, black or white, whom I have ever witnessed perform their craft. I can’t wait for more episodes to be released.

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