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You Can Now Apply for Nigeria’s 64-Page Passport in New York

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Nigeria’s Consulate-General in New York has announced the availability of the 64-page passport booklet which nationals can now receive after application.

The announcement was made by the Consul-General, Lot Egopija, during a hybrid Town Hall Meeting at the Nigeria House, New York.

The meeting which took place both physically and virtually was attended by the Consul-General of Nigeria in Atlanta Amina Smaila; a Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director Ngozi Ukeje; and Aisha Dewa, a Minister in the Nigerian Embassy in Washington overseeing Trade and Investment, BusinessDay reports.

During the meeting, Lot Egopija urged Nigerians who previously applied for the 32-page passport booklet to upgrade to the 64-page version for quicker response, by paying the difference in fee.

According to the statement,

Those who are rushing for Christmas and are still wondering if they could get passports, the 64-page passport booklet is available for them. If you have paid for the 32-page passport booklet before now and you have not done your biometrics, you can upgrade by paying the difference in fee.

But if you have done your biometrics, you will have to be patient and wait to get your passport till the expiration of the time we have given to you.

We have also improved to some extent on our telephony system. Only last week, we got an offer from the Organisation for the Advancement of Nigerians (OAN) to support us. The proposal by OAN will also support our website to ensure all our communication platforms are working effectively.

Also, winter is coming and we cannot continue subjecting our citizens to waiting outside, so we have made the waiting room available. We have told our nationals, they don’t need to come in here before 9 a.m. but should anyone come in as from 8 a.m. they will be ushered into the waiting area.

So this is another area we have looked into at this time to ensure that our nationals are protected because if they are sick, we will also be looking after them.

Nigeria’s Ambassador to the United States, Uzoma Emenike praised Egopija for providing a holding room that prevents nationals from waiting around the Nigeria House in New York.

“We are here to help in whatever way we can to alleviate some of these issues. There is no way Nigerians will come and they are talking to them through the gate. No way! I am glad he too is implementing that here,’’ she stated.

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