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Sujimoto unveils its Luxury short-let Residence



Sujimoto Residences can give you the satisfaction of a home. If you are on a vacation with your family, and you still want to feel that bond, or have that feeling of home, begin to plan your trip to one of the best luxury short-let apartments in Lagos. You may even want a sizzling getaway with your spouse. The beautiful thing is that you get the same set of services in a home-like environment without parting with a fortune. For a work/family vacation, our ¾ bedroom apartment is just the thing.

The numerous Private Sujimoto Residences are located in Ikoyi’s highbrow areas like the prestigious Banana Island, one of the most secure and sophisticated square metre in Africa and home to the 1% of the 1% in Nigeria, Sujimoto Residence offers untold luxury experience and comfort for those who yearn for a home-away-from-home experience and exceptional luxury short let services. Sujimoto Residences is your can be your last stop for a unique short-let experience. Others have come and gone but here are seven fundamental reasons why we remain your best plug for a luxury short let experience:

You are in one of  Nigeria’s most sophisticated neighbourhood

Their Residences are located in Ikoyi: home to the 1% and Banana Island: home to the 1% of the 1%. Located in the most secure neighbourhood in Africa, it is safe to say that at our short-let homes, your security is guaranteed.  At Sujimoto Residences, the uninhibited safety of their clients is a priority, hence, their choice of location. Imagine strolling in the evening only to catch a glimpse of the legendary Davido aka OBO, strolling with his dog on the sidewalk while chit-chatting heartily with his crew. Imagine having an opportunity to expand your networks just by booking a stay with them, Also, nothing beats the serenity and peace of the arena – its soothing calmness is even rumoured to be therapeutic!

Experience The Home Automation

Alexa, turn on the lights! We don’t know about your home, but in their short let home, their clients are privy to automation; their lights turn on without much ado, their curtains draw at the press of a button, and their security system disarms whenever you’re home. Not only are these features convenient, but they also save you energy and time. Their short let homes are made to give you utmost comfort with the keys to your apartment in your hands.

They Are Your Corporate Maids (Excellent Concierge Services)

Being at Sujimoto Residences reminds you of the many graces of the Mandarin Hotel in London. Like that of the Mandarin, the service at Sujimoto Residence was personalized. At Sujimoto Residences, Customer Service is our ‘numero uno’ priority! By exemplifying professionalism and superior customer service skills, we provide our clients with a sense of community.  From anticipating your needs, making recommendations, grocery shopping, laundry, dinner reservations to booking tickets to a show, our concierge is there to help patrons have the best possible experience during their stay.

Private Chefs to Activate Your Tastebuds

Whether Ogbono or Oeufs en Meurette, your taste buds will be extravagantly attended to by their private chefs. At Sujimoto Residences, you are entitled to exquisite meals from their private chefs who have backgrounds from 7star hotels to provide you with unadulterated quality service of the best of meals. Whether indigenous or continental, your taste buds can rely on their professional culinary services for optimal satisfaction. Creating meals that adhere to the tastes and possible dietary restrictions of their clients, They pride themselves in the ability of their private chefs to carry out menu planning, family and individual meal preparation, food shopping, wine pairing, formal table setting service and even put out a constant “front-of-the-house” attitude.

Imported fittings and furniture

At Sujimoto Residences, their kitchens scream ‘come the way you are, they’ve got you! Each of their apartments is fully furnished with a fully-equipped kitchen that offers everything from a full-size cooker and oven, hood, dishwasher and microwave to cookware, full-size refrigerator, tableware and utensils.

Privacy Guaranteed

Sujimoto Residences gives you all the privacy you desire. Unlike many apartments where you may be seen by others, you have your world in our short lets. You won’t meet strange faces at the swimming pool side or the lounge. Yet, you get to enjoy all these services. If you are looking to indulge in a rendezvous with your partner with zero disturbance, you are in the right place. Also, if you are alone and you need privacy to boost your creativity service, we remain your sure plug.

Facilities ‘Wey Go Havard’

From enquiry to checkout, balcony to the bedroom, Sujimoto Residences provide the ultimate luxury living experience, with their fully fitted 3 and 4 bedrooms which feature exclusive facilities such as a private chef, private concierge staff, fully-fitted Technogym, unlimited wi-fi, Netflix, automated curtains, 24 hours power supply, Cable TV, private chauffeur service, outdoor terrace/Jacuzzi, Central Music player, premium security, ample parking space, furnished BQ, and several other amenities.

For the tourists and business travellers visiting Lagos or the elite worker seeking a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of Lagos, and the modern entrepreneur in need of a serene environment to work while they anticipate their next success, Sujimoto Residence is your ultimate relaxation destination!

Don’t waste a moment more!

For a one week, one month or longer stay vacation, call us NOW on 0702 500 4780 or +234 813 424 5404


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