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The 2022 Cycle of the Dorcas Cancer Research Grant is Now Open | Here’s how you can Apply



Are you a healthcare professional working or interested in changing the narrative of pediatric cancer in Nigeria?

Research is the foundation of these discoveries and improvement of treatment modalities and outcomes of children diagnosed with cancer.

In line with The Dorcas Cancer Foundation’s goal to improve childhood cancer survival in Nigeria, through research, early detection, accurate diagnosis, and prompt & proper treatment.

The Dorcas Cancer Foundation is pleased to announce the Call for Applications for The 2022 cycle of Dorcas Cancer Research Grant.

Dorcas Cancer Research was created to encourage childhood cancer research and promote innovative solutions to childhood cancer in Nigeria.

This grant is open to health care professionals, academicians, medical students, and all investigators studying or working in the health care sector to contribute to the improved understanding and treatment of childhood cancer in Nigeria.

To apply: go to

For questions/enquires: send an email to: [email protected]

People are often shocked when they hear children can be diagnosed with cancer too.

Childhood Cancer is a term used to refer to Cancers that can develop in children between birth and 15 years of age.

Cancers that develop in children are different from adult Cancers. They have different biology, they grow and spread in a different pattern and they also respond to different types of drugs.

Common Childhood Cancers include leukemia (cancer of the (white), blood cells, starts in the bone marrow), neuroblastoma (cancer of some nerve cells), retinoblastoma (cancer in the retina), Wilms tumor (cancer of the kidney), sarcomas (cancers of the bone, muscles, tissues), brain tumors, and more.

Childhood Cancers tend to have better survival than adult Cancers if detected early and properly treated. In developed countries, many childhood cancers have survival rates of 90% and more unlike Nigeria’s survival rate is less than 40%.

The truth is, it’s very tragic to see children die of Cancer, knowing fully well they can survive when it is early detected and properly treated.

No Child Should Die of Cancer

We Can all do Something


Every year, 400,000 children around the world are diagnosed with cancer; with more than 80% of these children living in low- and middle-income countries such as Nigeria.

Tragically, for every ten children diagnosed with cancer in Nigeria, only three will have access to specialist care, this is due to complex combination factors including but not limited to neglect and marginalization of disease due to a lack of awareness, delays in detection and diagnosis, and unavailability and/or unaffordability of specialist treatment, etc.

How can this narrative be changed?

Through advocacy leads to early detection.
Early detection leads to an accurate diagnosis.
Accurate diagnosis that enables prompt and proper treatment

Children with Cancer must not be left alone, together we must do something to reduce the childhood cancer burden in Nigeria.

The Dorcas Cancer Foundation is working tirelessly day and night to change the narrative of Childhood Cancer in Nigeria.

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