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Thanks to an Old Friend, We’ve Got #TheATwedding21! Aramide & Tomi’s Pre-wedding Shoot



Sometimes, love happens in the most random ways that we just would never have seen coming. Today, we’re super excited as we celebrate the sweet love story of Aramide and Tomi which all began with one unexpected phone call.

Aramide had received a random call from an old friend whom she hadn’t spoken to in a while, and this friend was on his matchmaker hat. Well, you can already tell what came out of it, as here we are, gushing over their beautiful pre-wedding photos. We’re absolutely rooting for the lovebirds as we take in all the feels of their photos and love story as Aramide shares it. Their pre-wedding shoot exudes so much happiness and good vibes, we can’t help but love it!

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below.

How We Met
By the Bride, Aramide

Love in our case came through an unexpected phone call. Here I was, minding my business during the lockdown and imagining what outside would look like again. An ex-colleague-turned-friend calls me out of the blue. “Hey Mide, you still single?” And I’m like “yeah, any better for your girl?”

He laughs and says, “I sent your number to this amazing guy I’ve known for like forever. Be nice, Mide.” Our first call was for an hour and we just clicked like two old friends. Then the conversations became not just frequent but fun. We knew we had to meet each other the first opportunity we got.

As fate would have it, the lockdown was eased and we booked a restaurant in GRA. The first day I saw Tomi, I was like, “this brother ain’t looking bad.” After that first meeting, we always found reasons to always be together. 10 months later, Tomi asked me to be his forever and of course, I said yes and our love story continues!

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Photography: @mide_wey
Styling:  @ayomidewey
Makeup: @beautyby_bumia

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