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Get The Scoop On Kinglace Ice Cream, Which Launched Alongside Burger King Nigeria in Lagos!



Ice Cream lovers, Get Here!

Looks like you will be eating good this “Detty December” as Kinglace makes its first entry into Lagos with its premium ice cream delights guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

Produced by Iceberry, Russia’s oldest ice cream manufacturer and distributed by Wow Creamery, Kinglace is no stranger to the ice cream business, with a yearly production of more than 90,000 tons of ice cream and over 250 ice cream products, you can now enjoy a wide variety of flavours and tastes when it comes to ice cream.

The Russians have one of the finest ice creams, and Kinglace’s entry comes with a Big Bang! With plans to open 60 cafes in the next five years across Nigeria, there will be a Kinglace in almost all states of the country.

Launching its operations in the heart of Lagos side by side with Burger King Nigeria, you can pop into 274, Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island, Lagos to grab a taste of one of the finest ice cream today. What’s even better, Kinglace promises to adapt its current building model in other outlets subsequently. So great ice cream and fine ambience, what more could we ask for?

Speaking during the official launch of Kinglace and Burger King Nigeria, Roman Lola, a shareholder, explained its relationship with the iconic American brand, Burger King, saying Iceberry are shareholders of the Allied Food and Confectionary Services Limited, which are franchisees of Burger King in Nigeria.

“Our ice cream is quite good and affordable. When kids want to go for ice cream, they go with the family, so the family can enjoy burgers and ice cream. It brings synergy to both businesses. So far, the Nigerian consumers have taken our products quite well. People like the taste. We are very good at making dairy. Our ice cream is made from fresh milk. We have a long history of making ice cream, Russian ice cream has been considered to be the best, and I think Nigerians will love it and appreciate it. It is a demanding business because of the quality and quantity of the products we produce. We have some distribution centres and several trucks with drivers. In a few years, we should have employed up to 1000 people across the 60 branches,” Lola said.

Buzugbe Victoria, the Marketing Coordinator of Kinglace Ice cream, also added that it’s high time Nigerian consumers had real ice cream that is of the best quality and price; she also seemed very excited about reviews of the products so far from the consumers, it’s been described as that ice cream with great texture, extra creamy and doesn’t melt so fast. The consumers are also very excited about the various flavours, and she can’t wait to include more offerings to the range of products they currently offer. With over 22 ice cream flavours and other desserts, including delicious muffins, cookies, cake slices, Italian coffee and assorted teas, Kinglace promises to take the ice cream experience to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Kinglace today for the premium enjoyment you deserve.

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