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New EP: LasGiiDi – Still I Rise



LasGiiDi has finally released his first official body of work, an EP titled “Still I Rise,” after a much-needed musical hiatus.

The EP includes features from Psycho YP (Whoozy), as well as fellow Nigerian-American musician J-Lomah, DJ Poizon Ivy, and highly recognized producers Demsa and Giggz.

“Still I Rise” is a combination of soulful lyrics mixed with thumping African sounds which takes the listener to a state of euphoria while delivering realism but still enjoying the rhythms, bops and vibes packed in. It opens the listeners to a door that allows them to take a deeper dive into my music and life’s journey.

LasGiiDi himself says of the EP;

I know it’s been a minute, but I’ve been fervently working on my EP (Still I Rise); it took a heavy toll on my soul, It forced me into seclusion in order for me to be able to dig really deep inside of myself to give you this long-awaited piece of me that I’ve always knew the World needed to hear.

Thanks for always been supportive since the beginning. It’s go time again. And I’ll need all your support. So thanks again in.

Listen to the EP below:

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