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#vivoNGAtHappyness2021 hosted by Vivo Nigeria was all Shades of Fun | See Photos



The Happyness Party 2021 was all shades of good vibes and fun. There was a massive turnout of participants for the event and everyone was prepared to have the time of their lives.

Considering the fact that the event for last year could not hold physically because of the pandemic, participants were more than excited to be live at the venue to party and be happy.

#vivoNGAtHappyness2021 gave out free tickets for 10 quiz winners to attend the Happyness Party 2021. The event was held on December 22, by 6 PM at the Muri Okunola Park, V.I, Lagos.

The party kicked off with music, as you’d expect and Vivo had a big booth where participants played fun games and won Vivo branded items as well as other amazing prizes. Fans were all smiles as they proudly flaunted their prizes with cameras flashing to capture the moment.

There was a perfect mix of skilled DJs bringing all the fire beats to ensure the crowd was well entertained. It was not hard to spot participants dancing out their hearts with all the energy and killer moves on the dance floor as the party progressed.

In groups of fours, twos and threes, cups were filled and refilled, mouths were moving steadily, smiles were flashed and camera flashes followed.

All across the faces in the crowd, one thing was sure, happiness was in the room.

vivo is committed to engaging their major target audience with fun activities like this one, and of course, providing them with the latest tech upgrades to help them work and play all day long. On that note, keep an eye wide open for many more exciting events like this one and product line ups that Vivo has in store for the coming year.

For more details and information on other fun activities lined up for this season, follow @vivo_nigeria on Instagram or Facebook @vivoMobileNigeria.

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