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Thinking of that Special Valentine’s Day Gift? Showmax is IT

By Mofijesusewa Samuel



Valentine is coming, and this is for you if you have a partner. Since the yearly Valentine’s day gift jokes about boxers, singlets, and socks have started, we are helping to make sure you aren’t one of the females the jokes are targeted at. Instead of giving you a bunch of gift ideas, we’ll give you just one perfect one – a three-month Showmax Pro subscription. 

However, we know you’ll need more than just our word that a Showmax Pro subscription is the perfect Val’s day gift, so we will give you a few reasons as you read on. At the end of this story, you’ll have more than enough proof that you no longer need to look for any other gift ideas.

Perhaps the most exciting of reasons why you should get your partner a Showmax Pro subscription is that you’ll both have access to the account. It’s a gift that you can also enjoy; that’s the definition of eating your cake and having it. Showmax has a wide array of shows and movies to choose from. There is something for everyone, no matter what genre of film or series you like. It gets better because you can register up to five devices and watch on different devices simultaneously. But, what will make this gift romantic is the number of movie dates you and your partner can have all cosied up at home with just one Showmax subscription.

If the goal of your Val’s gift is also to make your man fall in love with you just a little more and feel like you care about him, then a Showmax Pro subscription is the way to go. With that subscription, he’ll have access to a world of sports, from football to wrestling and even Formula 1. Since this is football season, there could be no better gift short of a plane ticket to watch his team play live. 

Considering that one subscription will give you access to both sports and entertainment, it’s pretty interesting to note that the cost of a subscription is affordable. From just N3,200, you can customise the perfect package based on your man’s interests. You get to decide how many things you want him to have access to based on how much you intend to spend. No matter the package you choose, you still won’t pay more than N6,300 per month. 

If getting access to a world of entertainment, sports and a relatively cheap package is not enough, consider that this is a practical and innovative gift. Unlike women, men don’t get moved by chocolate and flowers. You’re most likely to impress your partner with a valuable gift than an emotional one. But, Showmax even gives you a chance to do both. You get to present a well thought out gift that shows how much you know and pay attention to him while also giving him something tangible that he’ll thoroughly enjoy.

And the cherry on top of the already delicious Valentine’s day gift is how easily accessible Showmax is. With a quick visit to the WEBSITE, you can set up a three-month-long subscription that he will be grateful for. So, on Valentine’s day, set up Showmax on your TV or laptop, arrange some candles or fairy lights with dinner and show your partner what you’ve done. 

If they don’t find it sweet, they don’t have great taste. But, we promise, you’ll never find another gift with less stress to set up, such as affordability and great thoughtfulness in time for Valentine’s day. So what are you waiting for? Go right now to to arrange plans for the perfect gift. You’re welcome!


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