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To Celebrate Women & Investment, Bamboo held an Open House Event for Female Investors

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In honor of driven and high-spirited women, Bamboo, an investment platform that gives Africans access to invest in the U.S. stock market, organized a Women’s Day Open House. The event was held to celebrate amazing women who are owning their finances every day by investing in the world’s largest stock market and in companies they know and love, and also to listen to them also describe their relationship with money and how investing has changed their lives and is defining their future.

The brunch attendees included Yanmo Omorogbe, COO and Cofounder Bamboo, Sola Adesakin of The Smart Investment Club, Sola Adeneye of Wealth Motley, Jennifer Awirigwe of Financial Jennifer, and a mix of new and experienced female investors.

Highlights of the event included interactive sessions where attendees played games based on their knowledge of the financial markets, shared their financial journeys including their worst investment decisions, and a Q&A session with Sola Adesakin where she took women through the rudiments of finance.

Three lucky women were rewarded with $100 worth of stocks each in the games played and one person was rewarded with a goodie bag from Essenza in a raffle draw played at the end of the event. ,

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Bamboo is an investment platform that offers Africans the ability to invest in the U.S. Stock market for as little as $1.

Visit their WEBSITE for more.

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