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Julie Udunma Lekwuwa Celebrates “Ime Uche” at Abiriba, ‘Small London’

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Chief Julie Udunma Lekwuwa ( Ada Ena).

Julie said: “It’s my great day, I am retiring.”


Abiriba, colloquially known as small London, is a close-knit community in Abia State, Nigeria. Founded on matrilineal kinship, they share ancestors with Cross -Riverians and the people of Arochukwu. All in the southeastern part of Nigeria.

Uniquely, each Abiribarian belongs to an age grade. Age grades are mandated to serve the community, and at the end of each tenure, they pass the mantle to the next grade of indigenes.

The Ime-Uche ceremony symbolizes an Abiribarian’s retirement from active communal services. Most indigenes who are civil servants reconcile this traditional rite with their meritorious career retirement.

The Celebrant, Julie Lekwuwa is one of them. She had a teaching career that spanned almost four decades. So she chose to celebrate her professional and traditional retirements in style.

The Celebration is marked by the presentation of gifts by family and friends. Cars, monies, portraits, clothes, real estate, or gifts of any kind. It is to each its own. It is a time for family and friends to show affluence, in their know-how.

The Official bookkeeping of precious gift items.

As a socialite and the president of the most prominent women’s group in the community (Abiriba Women’s Cultural Organization a.k.a. AWCO), it is no wonder that the people paid homage in numbers.

L-R: His Royal Highness Eze Eme Uguru Ikpoka. Chief Leslie Ebueme Ezikpe. M.D. VirginRose Resorts.

Chief Lekwuwa Mang Lekwuwa of LEKWAS METAL WORKS with family.

Chief Hon. Yucee Uwah (Ike Abiriba). Eze ndi’ Abiriba na Korea.

The Celebrant with her former teaching colleagues of G.S.S. Abayi Umuocham, L-R: Ugo-Chinyere Dike, Rose Kalu, Ngozi Azubiko Udah.

Elder Nma Ogozy with family.

(L) Hon.-Chief Justice Onyekachi Otisi.

Abiriba first son. Chief Kelvin Jombo (Nwabugo of Abiriba).

Barr. Nnenna Obewu (Ctr).

L-R: Chief Agbai U. Mang ( Agbai Bank), Chief Kalu Nnanna Kalu of STAR PAPER MILL.(Agbawe Dike Izu 1 of Abiriba).

Chief George Ezikpe Okiyi(Ctr).

Chief & Lolo Scott K.N. Agidi.

L-R: Lolo Chidinma Nwokeka Inem, Ugoeze Ihuoma Eme Uguru Ikpoka, Lolo Ebube Dike Mayoress of Obolobo, Lolo Vicky U.K. Obasi.

Lolo Chidi Okafor Ukaegbu

Prince Dr. Isaac Agbai Mang Lekwuwa.

Dr. Joe Emeson with family.

Chief-Magistrate Onuma Kalu Onuma.

Chief Ukaku Ina Obasi of OBASI BROTHERS.

Iyke Anya (IPA).

Nollywood Filmmaker Emmanuel Mang Eme with family.

L-R: Dr. Okafor Mang Lekwuwa, Nduka Ikoro.
And a host of others.

To every man whom God has given wealth and possessions, he has also given the ability to eat from them, to receive his reward, and to find enjoyment in his toil. These things are the gifts from God [to the celebrant, Julie Lekwuwa].Ecclesiastes 5:19.

Long live Abiriba! The Small London for giving her this unique opportunity to party in style.Congratulations to her on such a colourful occasion.

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