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There is so much to be Won in the First Bank Verve Card Transact and Win Promo | Here is how to Join



Are you the proud owner of a FirstBank Verve Debit Card? Here is exciting news for you!

With as little as two transactions on your FirstBank Verve Card every week, you could win amazing rewards in the First Bank Verve Card Transact and win promo from February through March.

Verve, in partnership with First Bank, will reward up to 2600 loyal customers with 50 million Naira worth of rewards, including a Brand new saloon car.

How to Win;

  • Take your Verve card with you everywhere you go and use it as often as you can every week, especially if you have not used it in a while.
  • Increase your POS, web, and ATM transactions to a minimum of two times weekly using your FirstBank Verve Card and qualify to win in any of the following reward categories:

Category 1

Two transactions weekly: N10,000 Airtime  

Category 2

Two transactions weekly: N10,000 cash prize

Category 3

Four transactions weekly: N20,000 cash prize.

Category 4

Eight transactions at the end of each month: Generator, refrigerator and gas cooker.

Category 5

Eight transactions at the end of each month: N50,000 cash prize

Grand Prize

16 transactions between February and March: Brand new Saloon Car

Promo runs from February 1st to March 30th 2022.

Ready to start winning? Grab your First bank Verve Card, get set and go!

Visit HERE for more promo details.

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