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KLM Celebrates 75years of Flying from Nigeria & Years of Commitment to their Nigerian Customers ?

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  • KLM celebrates 75 years of flying to Nigeria, Lagos
  • Seventy-five years of connecting customers to the world with direct flights between Lagos & Schiphol
  • With direct flights to 167 destinations, KLM is ready for summer. Between 27 March and 29 October, KLM will fly to 96 European and 71 intercontinental destinations, offering excellent choices for business and leisure travellers alike.
  • KLM has also increased capacity on its intercontinental route network by 17% compared to last year, in response to a rising trend in bookings
  • KLM named Best airline in Europe at the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2021

On Saturday, March 26, 2022, KLM celebrated seventy-five years of flying from Nigeria. Within these seventy-five years, the airline has become a major player in the region, backed by a strong global network, connecting Africa to the rest of the world together with its strategic partners.

This milestone demonstrates the market’s strong confidence in the brand and the strengthened partnerships between Nigeria and the Dutch governments.

At KLM, our aim has always been to move our customer’s world through creating memorable experiences, a vision we strive to embody in all aspects of our business, including how we operate. For these 75 years, we’ve connected worlds for business for love and friendships. From global instabilities to changing economic conditions, KLM has successfully navigated the evolving landscape and we’ve also been able to maintain our operations from Nigeria. Now more than ever, after the two years that saw our operations interrupted due to the pandemic, we are more committed to the great country of Nigeria, committed to continue connecting Nigeria to the rest of the world for many more decades to come’ said Christine Quantin, Country Manager Air France- KLM, Nigeria

We are delighted to be celebrating 75 years of KLM taking to the Nigerian skies, showcasing our commitment to our Nigerian customers. Sustainable as possible, and further enhance the travel experience of our Nigerian customers

KLM now has endeavoured to maintain its network as much as possible.  Together with her sister company Air France, they now offer up to 15 weekly flights out of Nigeria, making it the oldest and biggest operator in Nigeria.

In the past months, they have seen demand for air travel increasing as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted in the Netherlands and other EU countries. KLM has responded by expanding capacity on European routes by 10% compared to last year, almost matching the 2019 pre-pandemic level. KLM also expects business travel to return, which is why frequencies are added to British, German and Polish routes. As a brand, KLM will continue to contribute to Nigeria’s economy through sustainable efforts.

We can’t forget to thank our customers, who’ve remained loyal to our brand even though turbulent times. Through their continued support, they have given us a reason to operate for seven and a half decades. From us, our promise to them is to continue investing in our products and services, to ensure that they continue to travel safely and comfortably. We remain optimistic and confident as we continue to reconnect and share experiences, to rebuild and recover together,’’ Concluded Christine Quantin

Lagos – Amsterdam flight schedule

  • KLM operates 6 flights a week

Days of operation: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Leaves Lagos at 22:05 arrives in Amsterdam, Schiphol at 05:40(+1)

Leaves Amsterdam, Schiphol at 14:30 arrives in Lagos at 20:00

  • AF operates 5 flights a week

Days of operation: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

Leaves Lagos at 23:00 arrives in Paris, Charles de Gaulle at 06:25+1

Leaves Paris, Charles de Gaulle at 15:15 arrives in Lagos at 20:40

In view of the constantly changing rules and travel restrictions, the above schedule can be adjusted accordingly.

KLM’s health commitment

The health and well-being of KLM’s customers and staff are at the heart of the company’s concerns. KLM is committed to providing its customers optimum health and hygiene conditions at each stage of their trip, upon arrival at the airport. Onboard the aircraft and throughout the duration of the trip, it is strongly recommended that passengers wear face masks. The air in the cabin is renewed every 3 minutes. The air recycling system on board Air France aircraft is equipped with HEPA – High-Efficiency Particulate Air – filters identical to those used in hospital operating theatres. Travellers are advised to ensure they are fully aware of current regulations before they travel by consulting our websites.

Flexible rebook policy

Air France and KLM will continue to offer a flexible rebooking policy. Customers who buy a ticket as of March 1, 2022, with any travel date in the future, will have the possibility to change their booking free of charge. The flexible offer will also apply to all customers who have purchased their ticket on or before February 28, 2022, with a travel date beyond July 1 2022. These measures apply to date changes and different destinations, as a fare difference may still apply. Customers who do not know their new travel plans yet can opt for a non-refundable voucher (valid 1 year from the date of issuance). When customers wish to cancel their travel plans and prefer a refund, the fare conditions of the ticket will apply. Customers who have bought a non-refundable ticket can opt for the non-refundable voucher.


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