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Energy gAD & Host With the Most Do2dtun celebrates Birthday with ? Photos

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On Air Personality, hypeman, and energy gAD, Oladotun Kayode, popularly known as Do2dtun is celebrating his birthday today, April 8th, and he’s released these photos to celebrate.

Do2dtun wears three looks in this shoot, showcasing the different parts that make up who he is in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Check them out!

Look 1

In this look, Do2dtun wields a sword while donning a black leather cape, like a warrior of some sort – a defender. To understand this look, you’ll have to see the article by Yubby Nduonofit, released earlier today to celebrate Do2dtun’s evolution. It opined that Do2dtun has realised over the years, that “he is the gatekeeper for ‘Hype’, a responsibility he could never really decline.”

Look 2

This other look shows Do2dtun as a boss, a master of ceremony through and through, the “host with the most” like the headline read in the newspaper he’s holding in one of the shots.

Look 3

In this look, Do2dun shows us why he’s called the energy gAD who has channeled “his natural ability to bring life to the small rooms, developed it and has now perfected the art of jumpstarting the biggest events and social gatherings,” just like Yubby wrote.

Happy birthday Do2dtun! We’re sending BN love and light your way!

Photography: @Ogunzshotit
Styling: @Janemichaelekanem
Creative Direction: @Do2dtun @YubbyNduonofit @OlakunkeRufai


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