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GIVO is set to host its Official Exhibition themed ‘Invested in the Earth’ | April 22nd

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On Earth Day 2022, GIVO will be hosting its official exhibition, themed; Invested In the Earth to showcase the future of the circular economy in Africa through its award-winning technology, processes, and impact.

In Nigeria, over 17.5 million tons of plastic waste are generated every year, with less than 10% collected or recycled. This waste is improperly disposed of in landfills next to residential areas resulting in dire environmental effects.

Caused by human activities, we are tasked with mitigating this problem by creating systems and solutions to minimize plastic waste pollution and its adverse effects on the earth.

GIVO is a circular economy company, leveraging technology to collect, digitize, and process recyclables into valuable goods. Our vision is to be the leading enabler of circular economies in Africa, through tech-enabled waste management and recycling solutions. To date, GIVO has collected & processed over 40 tons of recyclables and produced over 40,000 units of consumer and industrial goods.

The GIVO exhibition will take place on April 22nd, 2022, and will be attended by members of the development community, International agencies, private organizations, federal and state government parastatals.

Join in on this immersive experience filled with practical demonstrations of our technology and products as we explore conversations around:

Proven systems that strengthen recycling value chains across municipalities
The role of technology and digitization in formalizing the informal waste management ecosystem
The process of utilizing recyclable materials to facilitate a circular economy
The environmental & economic implications of the adoption of the circularity concept.

To register for the event, kindly visit HERE

For inquiries and sponsorships, contact: Yemi Ajibade, Marketing Associate at [email protected]   

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