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Do Right Initiative Seeks to Reawaken & Entrench Uprightness in Nigeria | Here’s How You Can Join

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The prosperity of any nation is anchored on the values and uprightness of the people and their leaders. The Doing Right Awareness Initiative is a national movement mobilising like-minded Nigerians to reawaken and entrench uprightness in Nigeria and reject the pandemic of lawlessness that pervades our national life.

The damage that lawlessness and moral decadence have done to our nation cannot be over-emphasized. The imperative of reversing this is to join in developing a movement to initiate a rebirth, new mindsets, where every Nigerian sincerely desires to do right, everywhere, every time.

The initiative seeks to embed these 7 values in Nigerians – Integrity, Diligence, Respect, Compassion, Justice, Courage, and Meritocracy.

It aims to achieve this through the following:

Enlightenment Campaign
Conduct enlightenment campaigns across the nation to embed the foundational values of integrity, justice, excellence, diligence, courage & respect, expected from every Nigerian

Educate on how to hold ourselves and every leader accountable to the highest standards and values possible and the courage to intervene wherever we observe wrongdoing

Advocacy & Mass Mobilisation
Create a credible, non-partisan movement that is open to all creeds and ethnicities, with the singular focus of galvanising Nigerians to sincerely desire to do right Partner with organisations with like vision, to form advocacy groups to mobilise grass roots support through advocacy and lawful means, to rebuild our lost values and ethical standards.

Recognition & Role Modelling
Identify and celebrate those who do right and show the extended damage that one bad behaviour can cause Be the credible voice that boldly speaks truth to power whilst demonstrating and championing causes that improve the quality of lives of the people at local, state and national levels.

You can join the movement by visiting the Do-Right website and following them on social media –


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