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Saskay sets the record straight with Jaypaul & Cross in Episode 10 of the #BBNaijaShineYaEye Reunion Show

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Saskay sets the record straight with an aggrieved Jaypaul and confronts Cross about a case of a leaked voice note. Episode 10 started with a clip of Saskay and Peace discussing Saskay’s situation with Jaypaul. Saskay was saying it was beginning to overwhelm her.

Saskay said she was trying to strike a balance with both men – Jaypaul and Cross. In hindsight, she said it might not have been the best decision at the time. Jaypaul said he looked forward to a beautiful friendship with Saskay outside the house; he wanted to see her win. But that didn’t happen.

After hearing comments about him and Saskay outside the house, he wanted Saskay to come out and say “Jaypaul was a great person” but that didn’t happen. “All I heard was ‘who is Jaypaul?’ and that hurt me.”

Saskay said she was shocked by Jaypaul’s comments; called him a liar. She said at every interview, she referred to Jaypaul as her friend. Saskay said Jaypaul asked for a relationship one time. Jaypaul disagrees and said that the conversation never happened.


Cross said he liked Saskay enough to want to have something with her. On how he was with other women in the house, he said: “It’s a game. You can’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

Watch the recap below:

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