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Did You Miss Arin & Nini’s Altercation? Catch Up on Episode 3 of the #BBNaijaShineYaEye Reunion Show

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Episode three started with us watching a clip of Pere using derogatory words while referring to Arin, then Arin revealed she’s angry that Nini was there and didn’t say anything. Both ladies addressed the altercation that started brewing right from the moment they exited the House. An altercation that questions the true state of their friendship.

So, Arin brought this up after Angel said Nini would have shut down a negative conversation about Arin. Arin disagreed and brought this conversation up.

Arin said Nini came out of the house and did not talk to her because Arin’s handlers made a supportive comment on Cross’ page after Nini and Cross fought in the house. Arin added that Nini didn’t talk to her because she didn’t “rate” her. Nini corroborates the story, that she didn’t like that Arin’s handlers commented on Cross’ page. Nini told her this, weeks after the show, because she was busy with media rounds. Nini says she invited Arin out to discuss this.

Nini said she’s not happy that Arin waited for the reunion to talk about this. She said Arin shouldn’t have honoured her invitation when she knew she wouldn’t talk to her again afterwards.

Then it was Boma and Angel‘s turn to talk it out. Angel said she’s unhappy that Boma told her not to tell anybody about their time in the Executive Lounge and then went on to tell Pere immediately after they left the lounge. Boma eventually apologised to Angel and all was well. They both laughed.

Here’s a clip of the Arin and Nini’s fiasco: