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#BBNaija Level Up Week 2: Hermes wins HoH, Relationship Talk & Modella’s Assignment from Biggie

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This week was eventful in the Level Up House. The housemates all received a new task brief from Biggie, played a Head of House game, and nominations also took place.

Day 8: Hermes is the HOH 

Hermes breathed a huge sigh of relief when he realized that he was definitely winning this one against second-time HoH finalists Level 2’s Cyph and Level 1’s Dotun. This is the second time that Level 1 wins the Head of House challenge.

The Head of House challenge meant another reunion for the Level 1 and Level 2 housemates but unlike at the Saturday night party, where they last met, the stakes were high tonight as each of the 23 housemates would be battling it out for the title of Head of House.

As incumbent Head of House, Eloswag was not eligible to participate in this week’s HoH challenge. Other bystanders were Deji and Modella by virtue of being new housemates.

As HoH, Hermes will enjoy immunity from this week’s possible eviction, immunity for the Head of House’s Level and sole power to nominate.

Day 9: Things get emotional for the Level 2 HMs

Hermes was the ultimate winner of the HoH game, earning himself the title of HoH for the week.

This week’s title came with a big responsibility. Hermes had to nominate five housemates from level 2. As part of his strategy and with the counsel of his fellow housemates, he selected Cyph, Phyna, Christy O, Amaka, and Khalid. They were selected due to the strong personalities that make them strong contenders in the house.

The level 2 housemates went back to the house disappointed. Beauty even cried due to the loss.

However, passions rose as the housemates all agreed that they needed to pick up their socks for the next task. Their next task, as per the brief, is to create a new sport. The sport has to be unique with its own rule book and uniforms for both female and male players. Level 2 housemates have already started conceptualising what their sport will be.

Cyph led the ideation process, suggesting a sport that involves coloured balloons.

The Level 2 house was under fire because not only had housemates been nominated, but also Beauty had been put on strike and Ilebaye had been warned.

Amaka and Phyna took their nominations very hard, shedding tears as well. Khalid and Daniella embraced for a long time, offering solace to the news of his nomination. Doyin‘s disappointment in Cyph’s nomination has been evident. After their passionate kiss at the Saturday night party, could she be falling for him and would like to get to know him better?

Christy O, on the other hand, says she is struggling to express how she feels but acknowledges to Amaka that it is very difficult. She received a back rub from Pharmsavi. Could her inability to express herself be causing some tension in her body?

It was quite a week in the house with Hermes as HoH and Level 2 housemates doing their best to win the task and not get evicted.

Day 10: Beauty and Ilebaye lock horns again

#BBNaija Level Up has given us a lot of drama, and at the centre of these bust-ups are the budding ships that seem to be taking prime place.

One situation that has gained attention lately is that of Beauty and Groovy. This pair looks great together, and although they have not clearly defined their relationship, everyone in the house seems to be in agreement that Beauty and Groovy are a couple. However, this union has led to a lot of tense moments that are also threatening to spill over into Level 1.

One afternoon, Ilebaye and Beauty got into a shouting match in the garden over “unwashed dishes”, an argument many in Level 2 are diagnosing as being very far removed from the kitchen and cleanliness.

The back and forth between the two, who also had a fracas in the early hours of Sunday that earned them a talking-to from Biggie, started when Beauty responded to a call by Ilebaye for housemates to wash their dishes after eating. When Ilebaye told Beauty to “shut up”, the latter took exception.

While analysing the drama, Christy O told Ilebaye she had overreacted to Beauty’s statement and it felt like she was attacking her. She also said Beauty may have an issue with Ilebaye because she thinks she has a crush on Groovy. In response to this, Ilebaye said she could never have a thing with him, not even outside the house.

Beauty, on the other hand, was pulled to the side by Amaka and Phyna, who also were of the idea that the fight was about Groovy. The girls advised her not to let her feelings for Groovy cloud her judgement.

“The cause of all of this is that Ilebaye has a crush on Groovy; that’s what’s spreading in the house. If you keep reacting like this, it will seem like you’re into him much more than he is into you. You’ll look like a troublesome girlfriend. Remember who you are. You are Miss Nigeria 2019,” they told her.

Day 11: Modella is on a mission to rock boats

Modella joined the Big Brother Naija house during the Sunday live show. Her fellow housemates say she is a fine and likeable lady and has fit in well with the rest of the house. On Monday, she was excused from participating in the Head of House game, along with Deji, as they just entered the house.

Biggie asked her to do him a favour; rock a boat or two in the Level 2 house. She took a few seconds before responding, firstly asking for clarity. She wanted to confirm if Biggie wanted her to come in between a ship in the house. She confirmed her understanding, and said “I can try.”

Modella added that shaking the ship between Daniella and Khalid will be a little difficult. This is due to the nature of her relationship with Daniella, who was the first person that welcomed her into the house, and therefore, built a friendship.

Daniella was one of the first ladies to give Modella an embrace when she entered the House. The two have had bonding sessions, talking about skincare and makeup. Their sis-mance has been growing, and this is why she feels that rocking her ship will be challenging.

Modella has been having a lot of conversations with Bryann who is currently not on a ship. They had one chat where Bryann shared about his love for music and what it does for him. After her diary session, she had another chat with Bryann.

Will she make a blatant attempt to rock Groovy and Beauty’s volatile ship? Will she stay away from Khalid and Daniella?

Only time will tell.

Day 12: Relationships are the talk of the night

As most housemates were winding down and getting ready for bed, Bella and Sheggz had yet another intimate conversation in the garden that revealed a lot.

Sheggz felt like Bella had a man outside of the house, which was why she wasn’t putting much effort into their relationship. She pulled a fast one on Sheggz by saying she has been in a committed relationship for three years. Because of her interaction with him in the house, her mystery man would end their relationship once the Level Up season is over.

The pair went on to discuss Bella’s commitment issues and their first kiss. Bella bragged about how great it would be; in her words, Sheggz would ‘not be able to stop talking about it’ when it happens. Although Bella claimed she was pulling his legs when she said she had a man, Sheggz was stuck on his opinion, but he wanted to end the night on a good note, so he agreed to move on from that conversation.

Day 13: Level 1 wins their Weekly Wager

In the spirit of all the great sportsmen such as Mike Edwards and Sheggz, Big Brother started off the weekly wager presentation with a note to the Housemates about sportsmanship. He welcomed both Level 1 and 2 to the arena and engaged them in a heads-or-tails game to determine which Level will start presenting and Level 1 got to start.

Adekunle introduced the Level 1 game and explained the rules. He stated that the game is called ‘bum ball’ and that housemates are to pass the ball to one another using their bum. Hermes joined Adekunle as the second commentator for the game which made for an interesting session.

When Level 1’s game ended, the cheerleaders from Level 2 took to the field to cheer their fellow housemates on before their game started. Cyph explained the rules of the game and its mechanics where he said Level 2 housemates would be divided into two teams.

The game, which was of both teams in Level 2 trying to hit as many of their opponents as possible with water balloons, quickly boiled down to just Groovy and Khalid going head to head. When it ended, all the Level 2 housemates cheered each other on before taking their seats.

After both Level 1 and 2’s games were over, Big Brother invited anyone from Level 1 to give an analysis of Level 2’s game. Sheggz took the opportunity to let the Level 2 Housemates know that their sport was not competitive.

Soon after Sheggz finished giving his analysis, Big Brother invited Level 2 to give their analysis of Level 1’s game. Beauty took to the floor and said that she felt Level 1’s game was unclear. She said that she was confused about the rules of the game and that it was boring overall.

Big Brother then asked Amaka, Beauty, Cyph, Daniella and Khalid to stand up. He gave them a talking to about their continued microphone infringements, gossiping as well as not participating in the morning exercises. He said that they should take all of Big Brother’s rules seriously or face the consequences.

After he concluded with ‘house cleaning’, Big Brother announced that Level 1 housemates won the wager. He told the winning housemates that they each get 1500 pocket Naira to spend on next week’s shopping. The disappointment was visible on the faces of the Level 2 housemates as they suffered yet another loss this week.

As the Level 2 housemates reel over the loss of their wager, Bryann expresses his disappointment.

Level 2 housemates didn’t take the loss very well. Bryann seemed particularly annoyed as he felt that Level 1’s presentation was not as good as theirs. His ranting took on an irate turn when he realised that the loss came with less food in the house. He was heard complaining that the last time he had to struggle for food was when he was back in university.

The Level 2 housemates shared in Bryann’s sentiments. Christy O was even surprised that Level 1 won. She said she couldn’t understand the rules of their game and was eventually lost. Amaka also weighed in on the feedback that Level 2 got from Sheggz during the weekly wager presentation about their game, saying that his views were not accurate.

Daniella advised that they should leave it alone and let Level 1 housemates enjoy their win. Bryann said his spirit can’t allow him to leave it.

Kess eventually walked out of the rook when Bryan’s irritation escalated, with Daniella rubbing her face with her hand.

Sheggz gets vulnerable with Bella 

Nothing shows that someone might be ready to get serious with you, like when they open up and have difficult yet intimate conversations. Sheggz did that today. He was open like we had never seen before. He spoke to Bella about his family dynamics; things got very emotional when Sheggz talked about his relationship with his father. His father inspires him, and he hopes to form a closer relationship with him.

Sheggz got teary-eyed, and Bella comforted him throughout the conversation. She also opened up about her family and how much she wants her own family even though she seems relaxed about relationships. The pair couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Sheggz seemed smitten by Bella, and he noticed that Bella was gradually warming up to him, and he reassured her that he wouldn’t take their relationship for granted.

#Shella shippers, your faves are waxing stronger. Are you excited about what’s to come?

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