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Congratulations to Samson Opaleye for Securing the 40 Under 40 CEO Nigeria Award

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40 young Nigerians were celebrated and recognized as 40 under 40 CEOs in Nigeria, an award powered by the Young Entrepreneur International Summit. Samson Opaleye who is the CEO and founder of BanOpal Clothing was awarded as one of the 40 under 40 CEOs thriving against all odds in the Nigeria business ecosystem.

Samson Opaleye is a native of Osun state from Oshogbo precisely, born in Lagos state on April 15th, 1989 (Age 33). He founded BanOpal clothing in 2014 and the brand has grown to be popularly known to be one of the leading in the design and production of branded merchandise for global brands across Africa. Samson who is the creative director has designed more than 200 casual clothing and has produced tens of thousands of branded shirts for employees and brand ambassadors of multinational brands as well as experiential campaign outfits across Africa, e.g World Milk Day branded shirts for Dano milk, the Nivea ‘Dorcas’ gown for their Harmattan campaign.

Samson Opaleye’s clothing line is also responsible for designing all LG branded clothing worn by their employees including all the customer service staff working at all LG showrooms across West Africa since 2019 till date. Some other multinational brands BanOpal produces clothing items for are Nestle Nigeria, Burger King Nigeria, IITA, Chupa Chups Nigeria, and Arla Nigeria amongst others. He also recently designed the branded outfit for the launch of one of the world’s leading butter brands ‘Lurpak’ in Nigeria. BanOpal has also been made the official vendor for designing and producing branded merchandise for Orange Group in Nigeria; the makers of Delta soap, Procold amongst many other brands under the group.

Samson Opaleye is well known for partaking in several impactful community social responsibilities and he was celebrated by Future Wards Africa as a Beating Corona Hero with 99 other heroes across Africa who executed impactful activities during the hit of COVID-19 in 2020. He also won an award as one of the 40 young persons of the year 2021 in Nigeria, at the Young Entrepreneur International Summit. He was also recognized with The Entrepreneur Africa Award for the CSR activities carried out by the BanOpal team during the hit of COVID-19.

In the first quarter of 2021, he designed 50 trendy casual outfits for millennials and Gen Z demographic which the BanOpal brand made available for purchase on the eCommerce store to further impact the community, as the CEO, he decided to give back a fraction of the returns on every purchase to empower widows in order for them to have a sustainable income, have an average standard of living and train their children through school.

The clothing line ‘BanOpal’ designed and produced 15,000 facemasks for Dano milk Nigeria, 5000 of these facemasks were made of trendy branded Ankara and shared with consumers in local communities with the aim of curbing the spread of covid-19. BanOpal also designs branded merchandise for at least 3 brands yearly for Big Brother Nigeria housemate tasks for brands like YOUID, Dano milk, Arla, and Lurpak.

Samson Opaleye is also the CEO and co-founder of Applatch Inc, a technology company that designed and built a mobile app that helps to curb smartphone addiction. The app helps users to lock addictive apps for a period of time.

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