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The 6th Edition of the ISN Quality Assurance Summit will hold on September 23rd, 2022, at 9am. The hybrid event is themed “DEMYSTIFYING ISO 15189”.

ISO 15189 is an international standard for medical laboratories. ISO 15189 accreditation is seen globally as a mark of confidence awarded to medical laboratories and proof of their dedication to delivering quality service across all aspects of their operation. However, less than 1% of laboratories in Nigeria are ISO 15189 accredited.

The 6th edition of the ISN Quality Assurance Summit (iQAS) will focus on clarifying the principles of the ISO 15189 quality management system. It features a keynote address by the Director General of the Nigeria National Accreditation System (NiNAS) and an educational lecture from the Registrar of the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria.

The summit will also host a panel discussion on the practical application of ISO 15189 and a Q&A session to answer burning questions on the quality standard. By the end of the summit, it is expected that the participants will:

  • Be acquainted with the ISO 15189 Quality Standard
  • Have the willingness and courage to effect principles of the ISO 15189 standard in their own laboratories
  • Have renewed faith in the ability of their laboratory to operate at the same level of quality as their global counterparts

To join the IQAS online, visit the ISN Medical Youtube channel on September 23rd or register on their website here to get a notification when the event is about to start.

To find out more, visit the ISN Website

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