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Here is how Tech Startup UNWIND is Financially empowering Spa Therapists

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world as we know it and this, in turn, affected a lot of businesses – the wellness industry was not left out. As more people stayed at home and couldn’t book out-of-home Spa sessions, they craved wellness services from the comfort of their homes. This led to the birth of UNWIND, a Tech Startup founded by Joycee Awosika to keep up with the evolving demands of the wellness space.

UNWIND gives Wellness Therapists the opportunity to offer professional Spa services to people in the comfort of their homes, offices, etc. These Therapists are skilled and certified for massages, facials, waxing, manicure and pedicure appointments. The App allows them to connect with new Clients, thereby making additional income.  Therapists can also go offline whenever they’re not available to work.

Ben Munachi – Certified Therapist with Unwind

Ben Munachi is a certified therapist from Imo state, Nigeria. Her passion for therapy began when she was only a teenager and while she nursed that passion, she was fortunate to meet the founder of Oriki, who she calls her “guardian angel”. With gratitude to her parents, Munachi has been able to enroll into the Oriki Training Institute where she has honed her skills as a Therapist.

Munachi says she has been in the field for five (5) years and she has enjoyed every part of her journey. She specializes in all areas of therapy, from consultation on facials to body treatment – exfoliating, waxing and massages, etc.. However, her favourite therapy service is facials  because she enjoys helping her clients feel and look better with techniques that enhance their skin during and after every extraction. She finds it satisfying when clients are excited and are more confident after their treatments.

Munachi has over time, developed strategic ways to overcome the difficulties she experiences with clients such as lateness to appointments, bad moods, etc. She is so passionate about creating memorable experiences for her Clients, she treats them with love, care and enjoys pampering them. “I treat them like infants, ” she says,

“In order to create that memorable experience, I serve my clients. I am not just rendering a service to them, I am also assisting them during their stay. That’s how I build my connections with them. Trust me, when you do this, you will definitely have returning clients”.

She also believes it’s important to keep work professional: Ensure you do a proper consultation with Clients before working on them

Munachi recommends the App to all qualified Spa Therapists. ‘I am really benefiting from the App and I will advise them to subscribe to it.’’ To become an UNWIND Service Provider, visit HERE.

She heard about the UNWIND App through a friend. She has been able to make a lot of money and find independence, as well as fulfillment. She likens it to the Uber app, where Drivers have control over their time, and finds this aspect of the UNWIND App (amongst others), beneficial to her career.

Gift Osagie – Certified Therapist with UNWIND

Gift Osagie is a Certified Spa Therapist from Edo state, Nigeria.  Wellness to Gift means practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to generally improve one’s mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual health.

Like Munachi, Gift has always had a passion for skin care and massage therapy, so she went ahead to acquire training and certification in order to practice professionally.

It has been four years since she started and as an aesthetician, she specializes in all areas including skin care therapy, facials, massage therapy, body treatment and waxing.  But she loves doing skin care therapy most because she helps people achieve a level of confidence that they want and this is very satisfying for her.

Gift wishes more Clients would adhere to her after-care product recommendations instead of ignoring her, only to come back later complaining of breakouts caused by negligence.

She explains

‘When I provide after care for instance, I am constantly advising and following up to check the progress of Clients and make sure they are doing things right.’’

Talking about the benefits of the Unwind App:

‘As a Therapist, it has helped me gain more independence and more money. It has also given me more opportunities to develop my skills at various levels. If you’re a Spa Therapist reading this, the UNWIND App gives you an avenue to constantly carry out services for as long as your energy can take you. It allows you to meet premium Clients and make new connections.’’

The App provides limitless opportunities for Therapists to showcase their skills, earn money, build competence and knowledge to work internationally. It also provides useful educational resources and courses for professional development, thereby making it easy for Spa Therapists to stay on top of industry trends and perform procedures excellently.

In this line of work, patience, kindness and perseverance are essential qualities and Gift describes her experiences as  transformative.

I have learned to be kind at all times because a lot of people are stressed and book Therapy sessions to get relief. So I must be able to intervene. This career path has taught me to be a positive person because you always have to help your clients to achieve a certain level of positivity”

Gift also advocates for professionalism at all times, saying:

Remember to keep it professional at all times. Treat all your clients as VIPs because they have the capability to bring in more business”.

The Unwind app typically pays more than working in a traditional spa. The fee for each service (i.e massage, facials, waxing, etc.) are automatically fixed so they are universal and Therapists earn 70% of each transaction fee. The UNWIND App is really a timely intervention that ensures the safety and security of both Spa Therapists and Clients alike.



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