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Smart Emmanuel: Thriving in the Midst of Chaos and Uncertainty

There’s one thing people underestimate: gathering accurate data about one’s self.

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The world is changing; what used to work is now failing. We are all dealing with the drastic impact of the unplanned war between Ukraine and Russia, the crazy inflation in the prices of things, the excruciating impact of climate change, and oppressive leadership in different parts of the world. Yet, somehow we must do better than merely surviving; we must thrive and thrive consistently. Here are some timeless strategies for thriving amid chaos and uncertainty.

Know Yourself

In today’s world, the more accurate data you have, the more successful you will be. If you know how to analyse, the more you can use the data to your advantage. This applies to our lives also. There’s one thing people underestimate: gathering accurate data about one’s self. To survive in chaos, you must know yourself, your history, your past behaviour, your fears, and your aspirations. You need to be clear on who you are. This is not about who you want to be, it is about who you currently are. Inaccurate data about yourself will set you up for disappointment amid chaos and uncertainty. 

Ask yourself: at my core, who am I right now? Am I lazy or hardworking, weak or strong, kind or wicked, vengeful or forgiving, foolish or wise, irritable or likeable, unhealthy or healthy? What do I want in life – a happy family, wealth, a profitable business or career, a stable spiritual life? What kind of events and people do I hope to never experience?

Getting this kind of data from yourself may seem like a lot of work but it’ll help you achieve more and have fewer disappointments. Most people are still stunned by their actions and reactions to life because they haven’t taken the time to study themselves.

Become More Valuable On Your Path To Success

The data you get from knowing yourself will help you understand your path to success. For example, if you fear failure and taking risks, it might be a bit difficult to succeed because there is no success without risks. Your own path of success is the path where you have your greatest chance of success and fulfilment. It might be as an employee (don’t mind the entrepreneurship hype, many millionaires are employees) or as a self-employed person or small business owner. It might be as a big business owner or an investor. Regardless of what you discover about yourself, the next goal is to find out how to be more valuable in this area. Chaos and uncertainty make experts and knowledgeable people have even greater value. Imagine where everyone is confused and needs answers to something but there you are, clear about who you are and valuable in your path of dominant success. 

For employees, your employer is feeling the heat of chaos and uncertainty. Cost is rising, purchasing power is declining, policies are changing and completion is stiff. The solution is usually to find creative ways to cut costs, increase value given to customers and increase profit. You can’t afford to think like a gentleman or lady in the corner. Think like the chief executive and come up with practical solutions to these problems. Talk to clients to get their views (they always offer free advice) and observe. The key is always there but no one is looking. But if you can get the answer by observing and asking questions, you’d be a king to your employer. Share your solutions with your boss. You should be seen as more valuable.

It is also important to note that not every organisation is wise. Even when they foolishly use your ideas and keep you at the same level, everything is key to your next job. Tell it at every interview you get and demand your true worth. Don’t keep your light under the bed because you fear rejection or being underappreciated. Your light may not be appreciated by those around you but the rest of the world can see it.

For business owners, it may sound cliché but chaos and uncertainty are indeed opportunities. It may be painful to experience but it’s still an opportunity to grow. The rising inflation is an opportunity for affordable alternatives. Also, note that affordable doesn’t mean cheaper. A sachet of milk is more expensive than tin milk (per gram) but a sachet of milk is more affordable. Lowering prices instead of making products and services more affordable is a mistake. For pricey products, a monthly repayment option is always a smart move when offered to bankable clients. Beyond overcoming the limits of declining purchasing power and inflation, you need to maximise the ideas in your organisation. The next big idea is in the heads of your employees and clients, engage and evaluate them. Then test the ideas with the cash you can afford to lose. Keep testing – tested and trusted ideas are given more resources.

I hope you get to make use of these tips. Here’s wishing us success as we push through amidst the chaos and uncertainty.


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Smart Emmanuel is an accomplished entrepreneur, bestselling author of Make What Customers Want (Create Global Brands), A Sales Man’s Story (Tales Of Sales Success), Letters To My Daughter (A Fathers View On Gender Equality) and EFETURI (There Are Many Paths To Wealth) and arguably Africa’s leading Sales and Brand Growth Strategist and Product Development Expert. Mr. Smart has spent the last thirteen (13) years helping to transform individuals and businesses, teaching strategic selling and brand building, designing and implementing sales systems and led the creation, design and launch of one of the fastest selling cookie brand in Africa – Nibit Mini Snacks. Personal website is

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