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‘Love, Dating and Marriage’ host The 2023 Manual Conference on the need for Emotional Stability in a Relationship

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Emotional healing as a requirement for having healthy, loving, and lasting relationships and marriages was the focus at the 2023 edition of Manual Conference for women hosted by Love, Dating and Marriage, a highly impactful relationship organization committed to equipping couples and singles around the world with godly principles for wholesome relationships and marital success.

The 2023 Manual Conference themed ‘Heal before you deal’ was held at David’s Christian Centre, Lekki , Lagos on January 28th.
On why the conference was organized, the convener Dr Kinglsey Okonkwo, a renowned family life and relationship coach said:

As a marriage coach and counsellor, I have found out that a lot of marriages that have crisis, is usually not a relationship problem. It is an individual problem. People bring in their past hurts and traumas into their relationships and marriages. That’s where the breakdown is coming from. As we normally say, it is the quality of eggs that determines the quality of the omelette. If more people can be healed before they enter relationships, they will have better relationships. So that’s the whole idea behind this, to provide healing for people from their past, traumas from hurts, from whatever it is in order to have more whole and healthy people.

On the reason why the conference is held yearly, he said: “The truth is that healing is a process, it’s a journey, and we are all on that journey. We are all at different stages of healing. It is something that we continue. It won’t even end here”.

Keishorne Scott, an American relationship and heartbreak coach who also spoke at the event reiterated the importance of seeking healing.

Healing is very important because it is necessary that you turn your pain into purpose. Because if you don’t heal, you will carry on these hurts, disappointments, depressions and this unforgiveness into every relationship and every person you come in contact with. Pain strips everything away from you. It takes away your happiness, your goals, your dreams and you don’t become the person you are meant to be.

In the same vein Lara Kudayisi an author and relationship coach, who also shared her inspiring story of rising above fourteen heartbreaks and fifteen abortions at the conference said:

I shared the story of how I healed from having a child at nineteen, fourteen heartbreaks, fifteen abortions and a divorce. A lot of people do not know that some things exist and that is the reason why they have been controlled a lot of times without knowing it. Healing is very important because if not, you will be repeating your experiences. You will repeat your parents’ marriage except there is an intervention.

The convener, Dr Kingsley Okonkwo unveiled his new book ‘Heal before you deal’ at the conference.

When asked the impact the book is going to make, the relationship coach said: “I see the book helping people to heal, helping people to identify which areas they need healing and how to go about it. It’s just us trying to provide assistance and help to people. The book will be available on all international platforms for books and also our website“.

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