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Experience the ‘Ultimate Taste of Luxury’ with the Pastoral Sweet Red Wine by Chateau Vartely

by Wine House Naija

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The demand for Red Wine in Nigeria is on a steady increase. Every day, different occasions are held in different parts of the country and wine is always served to guests; from weddings to birthday parties, beach parties, hangouts, clubbing, etc. Nigerians love to enjoy themselves, and drinking wine is one of the ways people unwind in Naija.

Sweet red wines are the fastest-selling red wines in Nigeria, especially because it appeals to young adults. Some red wines are more popular than others, however, this influences people’s decisions to go for the popular ones. Meanwhile, there’s a Red Wine in Nigeria which has gradually become the people’s choice. The name of this red wine is Chateau Vartely Pastoral (by Chateau Vartely).

The demand for the luxury Pastoral Sweet Red Wine has increased tremendously among young people between the ages of 23-55. At the stores, in the club, at parties, in the market, the demand for this luxury Pastoral Sweet Red Wine is going over the roof. Chateau Vartely Pastoral Sweet Red Wine is a full-bodied red wine with a 16% alcohol volume, made and mulled in Europe.

Regarded as an ‘Ultimate Taste Of Luxury’, Pastoral Red Wine is sweet, rich in texture and quality, is considered and has proven to be miles ahead of other sweet red wines in Nigeria. Chateau Vartely Pastoral is loved by many across Nigeria. It is currently one of the bestselling red wines across major cities in Nigeria like Lagos, Abuja, Owerri, Benin, and Port-Harcourt and it is gradually gaining popularity in many different cities and towns in Nigeria, as Chateau Vartely features some Naija’s celebrities including Nengi, Groovy, Saga, Nini and other celebrities, who are lovers of this ultimate taste of luxury.

One of the hallmarks that make Pastoral Red Wine stand out is its classy and highly presentable bottle design. It is a class of its own. It can also be presented as a gift to a loved one because the bottle comes in a lovely and beautiful wrap.

The luxury Chateau Vartely Pastoral is a unique sweet red wine. It has a dark ruby colour with a honey bouquet revealing notes of black currant, ripe cherries, chocolate, coffee and raisins, with a rich texture and smooth finish. The taste is highly refreshing and best enjoyed when slightly chilled. One thing is certain about Pastoral Sweet Red Wine; once you have a taste of this Traditional Moldovan sweet fortified wine, you will always want some more. The taste is completely different from any other red wine in Nigeria. It is uniquely sweet, rich and smooth.

Chateau Vartely Pastoral is the perfect wine for weddings, parties, outdoor functions, picnics, hangouts, barbecues, fish, etc. You can enjoy this lovely wine in your house while sitting quietly and having a great time by yourself alone or with family and friends.

When next you visit a wine store near you, do well to ask for Pastoral Red Wine by Chateau Vartely. If you’re having an event or a party, your guests will be filled with joy when you serve them a slightly chilled bottle of Chateau Vartely Pastoral.  When you have a taste, you’ll realize why Chateau Vartely Pastoral is regarded as the Ultimate Taste Of Luxury.

For enquiries, kindly contact +234 80 6995 2317.

To stay informed on luxury Pastoral Sweet Red Wine by Chateau Vartely, follow their social media pages; Instagram and Twitter. You can also visit Spar, Jumia Foods Nigeria, Konga or any megastores near you to grab this smooth red wine for yourself and your friends.

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