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Transforming Love stories into an Experiential Art; Ibidunni Damilola sheds the light on the Nupital Symphony

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Everyone loves a good love story. The Nuptial Symphony was created by Ibidunni Damilola, Africa’s renowned Filmmaker, with a deep passion for storytelling dedicated to this unique product that captures every precious moment, transforming it into a memorable art form, serving as a reminder of the beauty and spark that began the love journey. From first sight to the first date, from the first kiss to the marriage proposal to every high point of the wedding and anniversary and the “happily ever after” moments, Nuptial Symphony promises to come alongside couples and lovers to make sure every moment that takes their breath away stays frozen in time.

Weddings are beautiful and remain one of the most intriguing days of our lives. Zamari tv spoke with Ibidunni Damilola and he shared with us how he came up with Nuptial Symphony where he said;

The idea for Nuptial Symphony stems from creating a core memory around the Bride, Groom and their Bridal Party with the details of fashion and love in each frame. I wanted to create something that blurs the complexities of a wedding ceremony and focuses squarely on the essence of a wedding. Ultimately my goal was to visually introduce a new era of love and style whilst shaping a timeless and surreal conversation for lovers.

In today’s new generation of weddings, love and fashion have become combined as the highlighted elements. Nuptial Symphony shines the light on these elements. When we asked Ibidunni what began his journey into capturing wedding experiences, he told us; “Idealizing everything about a relationship like a romance movie and crafting a narrative around fashion was fundamental in capturing wedding experiences. Watching Bride and Prejudice really helped me imagine the endless possibilities of combining the passions of love and the richness of fashion, combining these two elements impeccably”.

One would wonder why so much thought and intention should be put into capturing and documenting your wedding story. In a further chat with Ibidunni, he mentioned that;

“The significance of documenting these experiences is romanticizing their reality through an alluring visual and sound to create a seamless infinity of their relationship. I, for one, hope to create a film that would encapsulate the journey of their love and serve as a constant reminder of the love they share. Documenting their truth, I believe, could serve as a source of happiness, healing and building in a relationship.”

Nuptial Symphony is a very cinematic method of creating these memories so as to build an emotional connection with the couple. Ibidunni walked us through his cinematic journey when he said;

“The journey is both spontaneous and direct for many reasons, notably control and direction. I love working in a controlled environment as it aids clear directions and that is why Nuptial symphony involves mainly the couple and their bridal party but I can’t always have total control and this is where spontaneity comes to play. It is essentially bringing all my understanding of poise and trusting my senses to guide the muses”.

Nuptial Symphony is the experience every couple needs to preserve and tell a love story.

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