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Talent Mine Academy Launches Initiative to Provide Free Education for Children in Low-Income Communities

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A significant number of children’s aspirations and opportunities for the future are being limited due to a gap in the educational sector.

Talent Mine Academy, a nonprofit that provides children in low-income communities with access to 12 years of fully-funded quality education is building a free school for these children. 

Through their free school, their goal is to raise young leaders who will transform their communities from the grassroots. 

While they have been able to secure a leased property, additional support is needed to ensure that the property provides a safe and nurturing environment for their students to learn and grow.

A significant impact on the future of children in low-income communities can be made by contributing as little as N1,000 towards their free school project. All support will help to build a brighter future for the children and provide them with the education they need to succeed.

There is an additional option available for making donations to the school in the form of tangible items such as stationery, fans, computers, and televisions.

For partnerships or further enquiries, send an email to [email protected] or contact; +2348127691427. 

For further details regarding their free school project and how to support the project, please refer to their social media pages;

InstagramTwitter:@talentminea and LinkedIn: @Talentmineacademy

Visit their website has more information.

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