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Create Happy Healthy Smiles with Luxe Dental Clinic, Ikeja

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A leading Dental Clinic, Luxe Dental marked its anniversary with a book launch, along with the 2023 ‘World Oral Health Day’.

The Clinic marked the annual event along with its second anniversary, on Monday, March 20th, 2023. The theme of this year’s event is, Be Proud of your mouth, a 3-year awareness campaign launched in 2023. It focuses on the need to look after one’s mouth for a healthy smile.

Speaking on the events, and the relevance of World Oral Health Day, the Clinical Director of Luxe Dental Clinic, Dr Funmi Adeniyi said,

“In achieving optimal well-being, our oral health plays a vital role. That is why caring for it should be a top priority. The message of this year’s World Oral Health Day is not only relevant but also very important. To be proud of our mouths, we need to recognize how important our oral health is in contributing to our overall wellness. And then, we need to take steps to improve it. Besides maintaining good oral hygiene practices, regular dental check-ups are important in improving not only the state of our mouth, but also the quality of our life, and we want people to be aware of this, and also act towards it”

As the Clinic marks its second anniversary, she restated Luxe Dental’s commitment to improving the quality of life for Nigerians. To this effect, in addition to a team of highly skilled experts, the Clinic is leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide patients with world-class dental care services.

To mark the events, the Clinical Director launched a Children’s dental hygiene book. On the motivation behind the book, Happy Healthy Smiles, she said,

Throughout my years of experience, each day I meet parents who are clueless about dental hygiene and care. I thought this situation needs to be improved. It became my mission to equip the young generation of children with the right knowledge about dentistry, to prevent unnecessary and avoidable dental damage. I want children to be aware, and in turn, enjoy healthy oral health. I hope that this book gets into the hands of every child and that it influences them to live healthily

She also stated that she is open to partnering with major players in the oral health sector, in the way of sponsorship, to further widen the reach and impact of Happy Healthy Smiles on children who need it. So that the book can be a tool for dental care awareness campaigns.

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Create Happy Healthy Smiles with Luxe Dental Clinic, Ikeja

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