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femi.the.god Returns with “Envying Mortality” a Solo Exhibition

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femi.the.god returns with a curious perspective, as he provides deep insights into the inner workings of the creative mind, highlighting the unanimous desire for creative ingenuity by a portion of society that is unaware of the internal complexities that those who are capable of creative ingenuity have to cope with, and how they covet a life of simplicity just as much.

He explores this ironic relationship from the vantage point of the critical thinker who creates from a place of immeasurable chaos – whose abilities are romanticised and celebrated despite the heavy toll it takes to harness ideas from within a turbulent mind, where they are refined and simplified for others to understand and consume.

Remaining in a seemingly unending state of torment, they loathe their inability to control their stream of thoughts and tumultuous emotions completely, and even though this inner turmoil manifests itself in the physical as beautiful works that inspire fresh perspectives and aid the furtherance of humanity, the creative thinker will every now and then, wish for moments of peace and simplicity.

femi.the.god aims to convey this idea by utilizing exclusive mediums, shapes and textures to tell simple stories about the extraordinary nature of ordinary lives.

The envying mortality exhibition opens on;

Date: June 11th
Time: 12 pm.
Venue: Greywoulfestudios, 7b Olatunji Moore Street, Eti-Osa,106104, Lekki.

For more information follow him on Instagram

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