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Up from nothing: Stories of Unbreakable People and Inspiring Places as shown by femi.the.god

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As the lights illuminate and softly hit the array of canvases on display, they will tell stories of the uncelebrated everyday people, the beautiful things, and the inspiring places that come together to form the substance of life and living.

Up from nothing aims to unravel the perspectives of the people who go through life with all of its struggles and manage to rise above it all.

The exhibition will tell a tale of true success where people wake up every day with enough hope to go through the uncertainties in a seemingly desolate environment, displaying true bravery and strength as they carry on in the face of adversity.

Chords of nostalgia will be struck, as the visuals will take the viewer through a series of illustrated moments which, although surreal and contorted, will be nothing short of relatable.

The mediums employed to create these impressive pieces, promise to be a breath of fresh air, as the exhibition is set to feature a series of experimental, never-before-seen ideas.

This intimate showcase offers a glimpse through the eyes of Femi.the.god as he expresses his observations, experiences and influences.

Born Ojei Omogie Peter in the city of Lagos Nigeria, Femi.the.god is a visual artist and poet who started out stencilling his art onto t-shirts from a young age following influences such as Marc Ecko and Don Ed Hardy. His love for urban culture and the visual representations of it has since evolved into the fashion and lifestyle brand known as ijapa where he continues to express his passion and implement his ideas in the fashion space.

He considers himself a creative conduit, a critic, and an avid observer and of the fine details that come together to form culture and the elements of living.

He is also a strong believer that living life should be about service and preservation, and has dedicated his art to this belief as he continues to document little pieces of culture, telling curious stories of his encounters while coming up from his humble beginning, known as the city of Lagos.

Up from nothing will take place at;

Venue: Greywoulf studios, 7b Olatunji
Moore St. Eti-Osa 106104, Lekki

Time: 12pm

Date: May 29th, 2022

Instagram: @femi.the.god

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