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Commemorating Africa Day 2023: The African Village UK’s Festive Event in London

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Top (L-R): Abass Tijani (Dj Abass). Olu Okunnu, Kay Fasanya, Paul Akwaboah. Bottom (L-R): Nike Tijani, Linda Wayoe, Chilombo Kasanga, Adore Shuko, Funke Fasanya

In commemoration of Africa Day 2023, promoters, stakeholders, and friends of The African Village UK got together for dinner at Mez Lounge in London to show support for new business initiatives, especially by individuals of African heritage. Present at the event were Funke Fasanya, Kay Fasanya, Abass Tijani (Dj Abass), Nike Tijani, Paul Akwaboah, Linda Wayoe, Adore Shuko, Chilombo Kasanga, and Olu Okunnu.

As an equality, inclusion, and diversity nexus, the UK Government has described The African Village UK project as a great cultural entertainment facility to enhance the UK’s visitor economy, highlighting how the objectives for The African Village UK are aligned with the UK Tourism Recovery Plan.

The African Village UK, which will be the largest African tourism project in the UK, is currently engaged in preliminary talks with one of the world’s largest resort planning organizations. It has set its sights on a 400-acre piece of land in Essex, United Kingdom.

For more information, please visit their website 

Linda Wayoe, Nike Tijani, Chilombo Kasanga, Adore Shuko, Funke Fasanya

Abass Tijani (Dj Abass). Olu Okunnu, Kay Fasanya, Paul Akwaboah

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