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See How BellaNaijarians Are Planning to Spend their Valentine’s Day

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It’s Valentine’s Day! We know it is an occasion that’s just meant for lovers, but then what can the singles do other than breathe?

Well, here’s the thing: even if you don’t have a significant other yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in your special way. For starters, you are here, that’s worthy, and you can make do with the day any way you want. You can decide to indulge in some romantic novels, we’ve made a list for you here. You can catch up on a series or even rewatch your favourite movies. What about that online course that’s got a few modules to go, now you can finish it. Here’s an even cool thing to do, you could create a playlist filled with your favourite songs, and order some sweet Jollof Rice for an accompaniment.

The key is to embrace the day with self-love and enjoyment. Valentine’s Day is a chance to celebrate love in all its forms, including your love for yourself. So whatever you’ll be doing tomorrow, just ensure you do it to celebrate YOU.

We asked BNers about their Valentine’s Day plans, and here’s what some of them will be doing. Some responses will make you laugh:

“Work. Sweet red wine. Serial killer documentary. Turkey and chips, and a good night’s rest.” – @obeghii

“I’ll buy a bottle of coke, cheers to myself for how far I’ve come from last year’s Valentine 🥂” – @wendyokirie

“Getting a cake, I already got a wine. Celebrating how far I have gotten in life and the Goodness of God in my life. And nevertheless I will be Celebrating some wonderful friends I’ve got.❤️” – @tammymirabel

“🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌……. I will be editing pictures at home sipping some whisky and playing music … one man party.” – @3pleshotworldwide

“It’s my birthday so it has always been about me from day one.” – @being_chidinma

“It’s my wonderful brother-in-law’s birthday too. I have a vigil tonight and work briefly tomorrow morning. When I return, I will sleep, wake up, do one or two, then goan shop and head to their house to celebrate with him and his family. I will sleep there. With family. And Jesus. Because Jesus is my Guy. Nobody can oppress me! 😂😂😂” – @victoria simon

“I will go to church for Ash Wednesday 😍and have a small gathering of single friends to celebrate.” – @Janelle 

The Netflix and Chill gang

“I should do a lot of netflixing tomorrow. Binge watching!” – @adetunji adeoye

“Netflix and prayers.” – @mhiz_chyamaka

“Netflix and chill oo.” – @moraahyo

“Work. Eat chocolates. Netflix and chill.” – @sewapelumi 

At BN, we’ll have a party celebrating Valentine’s Day. So get your dancing shoes ready to groove at 8 pm with Tobi Peter.

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