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Tinuola Arowolo is a Nigerian model based in NYC…..she had a very successful commercial modelling career for several years and was featured in magazines such as Essence. She also graduated from the prestigious, Stern School of Business @ NYU and worked for Arthur Anderson for a little while.
She launched a music project some years ago and released an album using the name, T-Naija.
The album actually debuted on the Billboard R&B Charts when it was released in 2003.
Anyway, Tinuola is back with an online store called myuniqueshop. Click HERE to visit the site. The site stocks an array of luxury goods but the item building the most buzz is something called the ‘Tinu ShoeBag’. This patented shoe-bag has been featured in various fashion mags and some celebrities have been started totting it…
Here are some pics of Tinuola and the ‘Tinu ShoeBag’…what do u guys think? The ultimate fashionista fantasy? Or just plain ugly?

I really like Tinuola, I think she is really stunning and she also seems like a really determined and focused person…..but that ‘shoebag’ is not for me……

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