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‘Obama Dress’ headlines Lola Faturoti’s new collection

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Designer Lola Faturoti in Obama Dress

Designer Lola Faturoti in Obama Dress

Nigerian-American Designer Lola Faturoti has fond memories of her childhood in Ondo State
The sights, the sounds, the fashion and the passion!
Like many people living in America, Lola was inspired by the election of President Barack Obama
So what did she do?
She decided to merge a forgone Nigerian tradition with arguably the greatest political icon of this generation
Uber creative Lola who is known for her fearless ‘take-no-prisoners’ approach remembered that it was commonplace to mark very special occasions and events with a commemorative fabric so she created the Obama fabric and then used it to create the ‘Obama Dress’
Hilary Alexander of the Daily Telegraph describes the dress as a ‘shift-style dress printed with a wavy stripe pattern in sky-blue and orange, overlaid with photographic images of President Obama’
The text on the dress reads “Oluwa Gba President Barack Obama”, which is Yoruba for “God bless President Barack Obama”
Lets call this – Politico Chic

Lola Faturoti Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

Lola’s Fall/Winter 2009 collection is all about bold colour and standout print. Strongly influenced by Ghana, we see dashes of bright yellow, splashes of blue and dabs of red. The collections’ fabric choice of silk, chiffon and cotton are the perfect base for these sophisticated yet playful pieces.

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Source: Daily Telegraph & Eitel Thoughts

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