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BN Presents Naija Divas: Goldie

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It seems as though majority of our contemporary Naija Divas are not shy about bringing the sexy! We are proud of women who are confident in their sensuality so more power to them! Unfortunately, in many cases the execution and styling strays from sensual to skanky. Hopefully with better investment in stylists, wardrobe and music video direction, this can be improved.

If there is a queen of the OTT sexy brigade, its Goldie (Real Name: Susan Harvey). This young lady has released a slew of music videos aimed to titillate and entertain. Some have drawn parallels with Goldie and Lady Gaga’s over the top style . You be the judge! Remember, we are not aiming to tear these women down but encourage them and perhaps offer some feedback that’ll help them improve.

Goldie – Shift

Goldie – Spin Me

Goldie – Komole