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Sierra Leone’s fashion maven Aschobi scores again with the “Black and White” collection



Aschobi’s fourth collection, Black and White, projects the “refined rock chic” look with its muted use of colour and embellishment of the pieces with various materials including metal studs and chains. Aschobi shows through this collection that monochrome pieces can be stylish, sophisticated and can work in any wardrobe.

Designer, Adama Kai, the head designer and founder of Aschobi gives us insight into this collection:

On theme/Inspiration behind the Collection: “The inspiration behind this collection came to me one day as I day dreamed of a gig on the Lower East Side, where Debbie Harry and Shingai Shoniwa shared a stage. It would be an Afro Glam Rock event. Armed with this reverie, I went about picking apart both women’s public persona’s in their various modes of dress, whilst bringing forth that rare edge defining factor that sets the Aschobi woman apart”

On the Silhouette: “The shapes of the pieces in the collection are much more structured and angular even as they hug the curves of the ultra feminine woman. This time around I used different embroidery techniques to engulf chunks of studded bibs, shoulders, and bustiers.The use of soft, delicate and stretchy fabrics alongside such hard techniques gave the collection a sultry dark defining essence. I focused on designing pieces that spoke to the timelessness of Debbie Harry’s rock star glamour whilst bringing forth the cross cultural sounds and global style that Shingai and other young African musicians have brought to the international music arena”

On the fabric choices: “For this collection I focused on combining traditional soft, fluid dyed silks alongside more modern metallic fabrics, as well as traditional country cloth weaves with silver metallic threads intertwined in the weave. I also used some malleable soft leathers. I wanted to work with fabrics that would accentuate the angular lines”

We totally love the clean lines and presentation of this collection. This collection is quite a departure from Aschobi’s previous collections, therefore its great to see a different aesthetic from the designer. Check out the photos from the lookbook below.
IMG_2413 copy

IMG_2428 copy

IMG_2430 copy

IMG_2454 copy

IMG_2459 copy

IMG_2483 copy

IMG_2492 copy

IMG_2506 copy

IMG_2523 copy

IMG_2527 copy

Visit Aschobi’s recently launched website HERE

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