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BN Exclusive: New Pan-African Fashion Reality Show “STYLOGENIC” hosted by Agbani Darego to launch in 2010

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agbani32010 is definitely set to be an exciting year for African fashion and style. We just received some amazing news. The BIGGEST reality show focused on Nigerian/African fashion and style is being launched in 2010.

The show called STYLOGENIC is a totally unique concept that has never been done before.
Rather than being based on the search for a top model or designer or stylist, the show is based around the concept of a style team! So contestants are going to be grouped in teams consisting of the various ‘style elements’. That is a designer, stylist, makeup artist, photographer and model. They will compete as a team and will battle it out with fellow teams for the grand prize!

And it gets better! The host of the show is Agbani Darego. The first and only black African winner of the Miss World. For such a long time, people were asking “What’s Agbani up to?”, she has enjoyed a successful career as a commercial model, studied for her degree in psychology and we reckon she was waiting for such an opportunity to put herself in the limelight and break free from the ‘beauty queen’ tag. Now its here.

The show will air during the summer after the World Cup and entries for contestants will open in a few months and from what we hear, it will be open to all Africans with casting calls held in various cities.

This is such a fabulous idea and we are so proud that it is a unique one rather than a duplication of what has been done elsewhere. We can’t wait to see the tasks and challenges that they are given. We already have some suggestions, maybe one challenge could be designing the outfits for Nollywood stars on the set of a movie…you’ll know the outfits in most movies need major work!

We hope lives up to its potential and that the programme shows off our African fashion and style talent, we also hope it brings the drama which let’s be honest is what makes reality TV a mustwatch. So all you aspiring designers, stylists, makeup artists, photographers and of course, models. Get ready, other than the exposure, we hear that the prizes on offer are fabulous.

Will you apply for the show? Any ideas for tasks and challenges? How about the choice of Agbani as the host. Let us know what you think.


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