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The race to the top ten on

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running_coupleThe race is fierce as contestants on solicit votes from friends, family and even foes to get to the top ten.

Contestants are using facebook, twitter, emails, sms, calls, flashes and promises of a share in the grand pie to climb to the top ten and stay there till March 26th when the competition closes.

The top ten contestants with the highest votes will be invited to the gala night and launch of, which now holds on April 10 2010. At the gala night, one lucky couple out of the top ten will win the grand prize of a dream wedding valued at over N4million. is a wedding planning and community website. The site contains an extensive wedding directory, a wedding advice section and planning tools to enable prospective couples find wedding vendors, keep track of their wedding plans.

Hits on have grown from huge to astronomical for a site that was born less than three weeks ago. With now over 10, 000 registered users and 110 couples in the competition, it’s a furious scramble to the top.

Oluwatimilehin and Temitope amassed 2606 votes in just 10days of joining the Yet their efforts are no match to the exploits of Oluwatosin & Oluwatosin now called Tsquare on the site. Tsquare have held onto the enviable 1st position of votes since the beginning of the competition. The couple now has 2935votes and counting.

Comments under the Tsquare’ story go from hilarious to simply outstanding as friends and colleagues reveal how the Tosin- two have made threat, promise and plea to all their friends and colleagues to vote. It is working. The couple is leading in the votes and amassing a following that could possibly start an electronic revolution.

However, these positions are not final to the competition. At the gala and official website launch a winner will be chosen from the top ten. On the determining night, the last may very well be first as the winning couple will determine their own fate not by votes but by their efforts at the mysterious competition to be revealed at the launch.

Will Tsquare hold the top votes till the end? Stay tuned to for the official list of the top ten couples. In the meantime, log on to, register and experience the couples’ stories on your own.


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